Thursday, January 26, 2012

bench dip

just to share what i did this morning... hehehe :D

i waited for kaiser to come home last night.. well, ok.. not exactly waiting for him... hahaha :p so bad :P i was actually cooking for joelis.. so when he cam home i was sharing with him on what happened in the office... and i told him, i need to look for a personal trainer since my personal trainer whom i am married to is too busy for me :P *mode merajuk kah* hhahaha tak de masa nak merajuk... buang masa... so anyway, he said, why waste money... motivate yourself... can do yourself at home... fine!! *i told myself* the thing is, when a wife gets home, she will have loads of home chores to do compared to a husband! tell me if you agree with me :) anyway, i shall not use that as an excuse, but i will use what ever time in between to do my workout.. true enough, i feel much better this morning after my short workout... well, did only 1 set (12 counts) of bench dip by my bed (lucky me coz we have a japanese bed, so low enough for this workout) and i did the squat for the butt in the bathrooom ;) and i did push ups :) here is the tip for you ;)

Bench Dip

TARGETS: Triceps

START: Place your hands on the edge of a bench so that your upper body is straight, your butt is level with the bench, and your legs are extended straight out in front of you.

MOVE: Keeping your legs straight, lower yourself until your elbows are bent 90 degrees, then contract your triceps to lift yourself back up and repeat.

Smith says: “To make this exercise tougher, put your feet up on another bench or chair, or place a weight plate on your lap.”