atok & the dragon story

we were on the way for dinner when my dad asked all of us in the car this question:

n3: just now when we were by the beach someone said that the underwater current was too strong, but when we told the lifeguard, he did nothing.
me: well we should knw from late oct until march the sea is very rough.
atok: let me ask you this question joey, kenapa ombak tu bergulung2?
joey: atok tanya ni atok tau ke jawapannya?
atok: mestilah atok tau! atok kan ketua sains dulu. *dengan gelak2*
joey: hmmm ok, apa jawapannya?
atok: sebab ada 2 ekor dragon tengah lawan!
joey: atok! nanti tahun ni joey jawab soalan sains masa upsr mcm ni, joey ckp atok saya kata :D


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