Monday, January 16, 2012

Anak2ku kecil hati :) sorry joelis

Sorry sayang, mama tertidur awal malam tadi.

I woke up this morning surprised to see joey in lisa's room, sleeping on the floor, on the comforter with his maths book by his side. Hugged and kissed him as usual (that made me late to shower and lisa starts nagging :p) hehehee :D

My usual routine is to kiss joelis and hug them every night before I sleep. Even if they sleep first. But last night I fell asleep earlier then them. So they both thought that I have forgotten them.. Heh heh :D apaaadaa, mama mana boleh lupa joelis :p so anyway, joey couldn't sleep, hence slept in lisa's room :)

Sorry sayang :p I love u both so much!! :*

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