Tuesday, January 31, 2012

my conversation with lisa

i was chatting with lisa on the way to school this morning. i was telling her about 'tanah kubur' that i watched last night.. and to my surprise, both joelis knew about that episode. wahh.... and i told lisa about WN's comment on my fb status... we laughed about it... and spontaneously, i told lisa, 

me: 'i missed chatting with WN' 
lisa: yeahh... me too... i like him..
me: ohh really?
lisa: yeahh... i like talking to him..
me: owh.. hmm
lisa: i remembered when he was repairing the computer, and he will explain every step that he made, i told him, you dont have to tell me everything coz i will not remember.. and he said, "it's ok, i like talking to myself" 
me: hahahaha :D hmmm.. he's kinda cool.. 

and we both just continue talking about something else :) 

its your choice

tired of reading about people complaining about everything without doing anything to stop things from happening.  or perhaps, they can't do anything to prevent it from happening... but rather just complain or watch and see? *sigh*... at times i feel upset too... if you are unhappy with the way things are being done in this beautiful country, no one is stopping you from packing your bags and leave :) i am sure there are many other countries out there will accept you as a citizen, you think? as a malaysian citizen myself, not everything that the rulers do i agree with... but i would like to believe they are doing the best to ensure the harmony of the country... or at least to work on it. i know not everyone can be sincere... when they are being influence with money and power, things may go wrong.. but, what is the point of you 'melaga2kan' other races and religions in your own country? i am just so tired of this.

common issues that i have been reading:
  • tolerance/acceptance about azan... if you don't like hearing it, choose an area where there are more non muslims, or further from the mosque or surau.
  • fireworks during cny or after cny... it's normal for the chinese to have all these firework to celebrate or whatever religious believe that they have, just don't say things like 'habis dah halau all the hantu, skrg dah tak ada hantu' it may be a joke to those who doesn't know the reasons behind all those fireworks burning but to some, it is a sensitive issue as it has something to do with their beliefs. learn to respect each other lah.. it is only once a year anyway.. let's just have fun and watch the beautiful fireworks. 
i guess a lot more that i am too lazy to share or elaborate.. coz i would prefer to write more about fun stuff? this is rather boring for me... just that today when i read some comments made from people i know, it is just saddening lah. 
what the heck??? 

Monday, January 30, 2012

Nitey nite

Somehow now its faster to blog with my BB than tab? :p ƗƗɐƗƗɐƗƗɐ"̮.. Nite all!

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beautiful monday :)

i believe that it is going to be a great day today... work lining up, jealous of my time.. :) it's okay.. i will manage. not liking it doesn't mean it cannot be done. put feelings aside, responsibility upfront. hmmm.. tough? no one says that it is easy in this world. put it this way, whether you like it or not, you are responsible to put food on the table. do it for Allah swt... you will definitely feel much much better :)) 

hocus pocus...??? or focus? hahahah :D LOL

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Tweet from @IslamSpeaks

@IslamSpeaks: When someone is trying to pull you down when you are changing to be a better muslim, think of them as a test that Allah has sent to you.

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Friday, January 27, 2012

demanding payment for the gift

actually i wanted to post something else, but this posting caught my attention first and so wanna share this with you :)
Imagine receiving a gift that you never say ‘thank you’ for. Over time, you forget that you were given the gift and start believing that it belonged to you all along. But then your delusions take on a more intense form. You start believing that it was actually *you* who gave the gift to the Giver. And then you begin to arrogantly demanding payment for it. You and I do this with God. Your service of Him is His greatest gift to you. Your deeds are not a gift from you to God. They are a gift from God to you. And yet He rewards for it! So if you’re able to serve Him, be eternally thankful–not demanding. Humble, never arrogant.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

bench dip

just to share what i did this morning... hehehe :D

i waited for kaiser to come home last night.. well, ok.. not exactly waiting for him... hahaha :p so bad :P i was actually cooking for joelis.. so when he cam home i was sharing with him on what happened in the office... and i told him, i need to look for a personal trainer since my personal trainer whom i am married to is too busy for me :P *mode merajuk kah* hhahaha tak de masa nak merajuk... buang masa... so anyway, he said, why waste money... motivate yourself... can do yourself at home... fine!! *i told myself* the thing is, when a wife gets home, she will have loads of home chores to do compared to a husband! tell me if you agree with me :) anyway, i shall not use that as an excuse, but i will use what ever time in between to do my workout.. true enough, i feel much better this morning after my short workout... well, did only 1 set (12 counts) of bench dip by my bed (lucky me coz we have a japanese bed, so low enough for this workout) and i did the squat for the butt in the bathrooom ;) and i did push ups :) here is the tip for you ;)

Bench Dip

TARGETS: Triceps

START: Place your hands on the edge of a bench so that your upper body is straight, your butt is level with the bench, and your legs are extended straight out in front of you.

MOVE: Keeping your legs straight, lower yourself until your elbows are bent 90 degrees, then contract your triceps to lift yourself back up and repeat.

Smith says: “To make this exercise tougher, put your feet up on another bench or chair, or place a weight plate on your lap.”


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

how to reduce stress

i like this one... fyi, i just choose and post that is relevant and i'd like to do... hehehe :D actually there are a few options out there.. just pick and choose... i just told 2 of my buddies during lunch today that i really need to start on my gym regime again... just need to let off steam...

it is very important that you develop a regular habit of stress reduction. Whether it is physical exercise, yoga, meditation, prayer, working with the less fortunate, or any other endeavor – so long as it is nothing that is deleterious to your health, such as alcohol, cigarettes or drugs, do it a lot. Consider walking around the block ten times every morning, or visiting your house of worship every evening. And pay extra attention to personal relations that are important to you; you don’t need to compound your problem at work with problems inside you, or at home.

Monday, January 23, 2012

another holiday :-)

finally decided to go with kalam's clan to awana kijal. and this is my first posting with my new samsung galaxy tab hehhee. so cant really type that fast. the journey was ok, just a bit of jam near errmmm before genting tunnel because a huge shell lorry brokedown right in the middle of the road. stopped like 3 times, thanks to my pms :p anyway arrived kuantan around 10.30am. rest and had a wonderful lunch. 

by 3pm we arrived at awana kijal. somehow the room looked small lah :o below is  taken from our room.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

atok & the dragon story

we were on the way for dinner when my dad asked all of us in the car this question:

n3: just now when we were by the beach someone said that the underwater current was too strong, but when we told the lifeguard, he did nothing.
me: well we should knw from late oct until march the sea is very rough.
atok: let me ask you this question joey, kenapa ombak tu bergulung2?
joey: atok tanya ni atok tau ke jawapannya?
atok: mestilah atok tau! atok kan ketua sains dulu. *dengan gelak2*
joey: hmmm ok, apa jawapannya?
atok: sebab ada 2 ekor dragon tengah lawan!
joey: atok! nanti tahun ni joey jawab soalan sains masa upsr mcm ni, joey ckp atok saya kata :D

happiness can be found...

i used to be full of sadness many many years back :) after a while i learn to take one step at a time... go through all the pain slowly and have faith in Allah swt :) alhamdulillah... i managed... hence... take a look ;) have a great weekend everyone..coz i know i am having a fantabulous weekend with my joelis!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Friday, January 20, 2012


Aren't you glad that you don't have to squeeze yourself and run to the bus? Especially when it rains so heavily... #alhamdulillah #grateful