Thursday, December 29, 2011

tentang dhia

today was the last episode after 2 days i thot it was gonna be the last episode. hmmm what can i say... i did not expect it to end that way.. but nevertheless, i am okay with the ending... something to learn in nowadays relationship / marriage.. sometimes we tend to listen to others rather than our partner / spouse. hmmphh... *sigh*  the sad part was when zikir wasted many months thinking bad things about his wife who has been so loyal to him.. just like some people in a relationship who wastes too much time to think negative about their partners, jealous for no reason.. or jealous for something irrelevant just to gain attention which to me is a waste of time. or something that is common in the malay society, 'merajuk' just like a little kid... it is styupid indeed. communication is very important in a relationship. and zikir whom i thought is wise, lost it... :( to all the actors and actresses... well done! everyone played very good role... congrats!! well done!! and the best thing today... adiputra followed me on twitter!! yes!!! and he followed me first!! yeaaahhhhhaaaaa.. you guys will never understand this happiness... :D :D ngeeeee....