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by - December 19, 2011

as of this date and this time i have a new look for my blog.. yey!! :P hokay... this is what happens when i am so god damn sleepy and my brain just won't work.. at least not for office work as i am already in my holiday mood!! yeyyyy.... psst psstt... i was browsing through air asia.. somehow really feel like wanna visit my ex parents' in law in kelantan... i miss my ayoh actually... hermmm... they say even if we are divorced, parents in law are still in tact, right? or i am wrong? or perhaps it is just me who think of them.. and they don't think of me - or us? but i think they think of joelis la.. but me.. apa hal nak pikir pasai aku lak kan.. hahahah :D wishful thinking :P 

ah... what else... ohh... we were talking about renovation and stuff right? hmmm... yeah, we were at our future condo... the name? inbox me la, i will tell you... :P hahaha if i have stalker ... dangerous whoaaa.... (perasan mode) :P akakakakak... anyway... the rental there is minimum about rm4,500 per month but we got a very good rate lah... why?? heheheh :D coz it belongs to my bro in law... N1's husband lah... as we were scouting for a place to stay after we had to move out.. i remembered about his condo.. that is empty... orang berwang gitu lah... rumah banyak tapi kosong... kalau beruang macam aku ni... rumah pun tak siap lagi.. itu pun share dgn mak...hahaha :D gatai, ada rumah mendatangkan untung pergi jual.. hmmm aparaa... okeh... back to the topic ye tuan puan.. :P so anyway, i just tried to ask him... and he asked me how much are we paying rental now.. so i said lah.. about rm2k ++ and straight away... 'okay lah... you rent my place' ahahh!! i had a feeling that kaiser will like the place because it is new and more foreigners.. and true enough... with the price that my bro in law gave.. difficult to say no ;)

ok lah... now you know where lah... :P

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