my activity during sch hols?

its coming to end already.... plans? hmmm everything was impromptu... i just booked a holiday for my family and my parents... and later got to know that N1's (my eldest sister) family is coming along.. but they are staying in another place. so anyway... after planning that and paid.. suddenly N1 said, we are still gonna proceed with the khatam quran ceremony... i went... errkk!!!  dannggg!!! so okay... i was kinda glad that i have sent lisa's dress... but guess what?? the blardy tailor made it wrong!!! how the hell that she sew it so tight that i can see every inch of lisa's body shape!! for heaven's sake, i told her specifically that i want is loose and it is supposed to act like a long jubah!! hello!!! so now i have to make a new one for lisa!! 
this would be simple for the khatam pelamin... 


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