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Majlis Khatam Quran - Closure of 2011

by - December 31, 2011

the function that has been planned (at least the idea was there) since early 2011... that's when we (my sister and i) bought the material during our trip to Bandung early this year. but because of our busyness, it has been postponed and also given the chance to joey & kelly to finish reading the quran and join imran and lisa. when it comes towards the end of the year, i thought it was gonna be carried forward to 2012... when my elder sister suddenly decided to do her haj with her husband... but i guess, when it was a good niat, Allah will always make it easier and smooth for us? :) alhamdulillah... i received the sms from my sister (N1) about 2 weeks before the event... so with all the divided duties, alhamdulillah we managed :D on my part was the easiest :D hehehe pa system, photography and $$ contribution :D :P 

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