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love notes

by - December 01, 2011

beware as i am currently unstable.. just hates it when men get cranky when they are sick...! ggrr.... sepuk nak??? okay... i am counting to 10 and trying to ignore the anger....

back to the topic... i have been wanting to read this guy's blog.. and i kinda dropped by here... i followed him on twitter by the way.. hehehe :D about 7 notes you should write to your children.. and he is kinda cute too..hehehe  i was reading it half way when i thought to myself.. aahh perhaps i should try to remember on all the love notes that i and joelis used to exchanged :) 

i have always loved receiving notes from my joelis.. it just reminded me how much they love me and actually realized that whatever that i would say to them deserved to be listened to? :p hehehe :D typical being children. and when things happened, then they will realized... "oh my mom used to say that..." or.. "yeahh should have listened to mama" those kinda things... 

normally lisa would write longer notes for me... i guess it is more of a girl thingy where girls tend to express more in writing? and express them better compared to boys? hmmm let me try to recall on the notes... on my birthday is like a must and i love receiving them :)) or i think i remembered once when we had this disagreement :P 
joey's notes are much shorter and simple but they never fail to touch my heart... :) and they can be really funny.. hehehe :D he would remind me of stuff.. or just to say that he loves me.. hmmmpph... i am so glad that my kids are quite expressive in how they are feeling... 

i wish i could show you some... but i guess it is too personal.. ;) 

p/s: maybe i should write a note to God... i really need Him now... :'(

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