Wednesday, December 21, 2011

he locked me out!

cheh..... bertuah punya laki! hmmmm... kaiser finished his class early yesterday and asked me if he needs to pick me up from the office... then i told him, i was already at my parents' place, i borrowed N4's car... so anyway... he said, he'd have dinner first since i wanna watch my tentangdhia drama :P hehhehe and as usual, i'll have dinner with my parents and joelis. got home immediately since i know kaiser is gonna be home early... by the time we got home it was like just before 9pm... kaiser was already on the sofa.. i went upstairs, showered and perform my isya'. later went to lisa's room and check on her as she was having her cramps... went downstairs again... got stuck with a malay drama.. and guess what.... aaron aziz was in it.. jangan mare... :P hahaha :D ok ok... then had to move the cars... now kaiser is so particular and wants his car to be in the garage too... duuhh.. :P ok lah whatever... after the drama, i put joey to sleep... as usual, will hug him first lah... listen to his stories first lah... snif snif him a lil bit... ermmm ok... sniffing part was normally a lot... hahahah :D anyway, after that i wanted to sleep... and guess what??? kaiser locked the bedroom door!

me: knock knock
kaiser: your mother is downstairs! *shouting from inside the room*
me: hey hello....
kaiser: *quiet*
me: knock knock.. *harder knock this time*
kaiser: your mother is downstairs!
me: hey!! open the door lah... it's me!!
kaiser: haa? i locked the door or what?
me: yes laa... open the door!
kaiser: heh heh :D how'd i know...
me: ja ja ja... tomorrow you come upstairs late, i lock the door!
kaiser: its okay... then i have the sofa
me: gud.. then we'll see tomorrow!