Friday, December 2, 2011

friday blabss...

been peeking on blogs... or blogwalking they call it.. getting bored on my daily read blogs... they need to be changed.. or.. not them, its me. perhaps my interest has changed. i dont get ermm how do i say that.. ermm.. i dont really enjoy reading about celebrities anymore. just do not like to know on how they bad mouth other people. fighting or 'shouting' on twitters.. bragging on their wealth in the world. or some may say, 'accidentally' bragging about their wealth. like duhhh... and just do not like reading people making assumptions on other people behaviour. supposed that would be a good reminder for me too? tired of also reading of people writing on being too pious? everything is too over for me right now? or it is just me being in my emo moment? :p maybe i should find other blogs for walking walking? but what is my interest? i am just tired... what is wrong with me? need a break? need a holiday?