Monday, December 26, 2011

don't leave me again..

I looked all over for you when I needed you. But you are no where to be found. I knew I kept you somewhere so that it'll be easy for me to find you. The last time you hid yourself from me, I found you in my car's dashboard. I looked for you there but you were not there! I felt like crying.. I needed you to charge Connor for Joey's concert. In the end I had to borrow for a friend. And this morning, as I seated on the sofa, there was this urge for me to look into the woven bag where I put all the halloween party costume. In my heart says, "please, let it be in here".. Slowly I looked and push away one by one of the items in the bag.. And... Waalaaa!!! I found you!!! God I was so glad!! Alhamdulillah was the first word I uttered! And I held you close and went into Lisa's room with a wide smile! "Lisa, I found it!" :D and Lisa smiled at my so happy face!! Yey!!!