Saturday, December 31, 2011

Majlis Khatam Quran - Closure of 2011

the function that has been planned (at least the idea was there) since early 2011... that's when we (my sister and i) bought the material during our trip to Bandung early this year. but because of our busyness, it has been postponed and also given the chance to joey & kelly to finish reading the quran and join imran and lisa. when it comes towards the end of the year, i thought it was gonna be carried forward to 2012... when my elder sister suddenly decided to do her haj with her husband... but i guess, when it was a good niat, Allah will always make it easier and smooth for us? :) alhamdulillah... i received the sms from my sister (N1) about 2 weeks before the event... so with all the divided duties, alhamdulillah we managed :D on my part was the easiest :D hehehe pa system, photography and $$ contribution :D :P 

Friday, December 30, 2011

Thursday, December 29, 2011

tentang dhia

today was the last episode after 2 days i thot it was gonna be the last episode. hmmm what can i say... i did not expect it to end that way.. but nevertheless, i am okay with the ending... something to learn in nowadays relationship / marriage.. sometimes we tend to listen to others rather than our partner / spouse. hmmphh... *sigh*  the sad part was when zikir wasted many months thinking bad things about his wife who has been so loyal to him.. just like some people in a relationship who wastes too much time to think negative about their partners, jealous for no reason.. or jealous for something irrelevant just to gain attention which to me is a waste of time. or something that is common in the malay society, 'merajuk' just like a little kid... it is styupid indeed. communication is very important in a relationship. and zikir whom i thought is wise, lost it... :( to all the actors and actresses... well done! everyone played very good role... congrats!! well done!! and the best thing today... adiputra followed me on twitter!! yes!!! and he followed me first!! yeaaahhhhhaaaaa.. you guys will never understand this happiness... :D :D ngeeeee....

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Time off with the family

Next time must remember to book at grand lexis :) rupanya they are under 2 different management. Funny thing is, they allow lexis customers to play the games at the grand lexis compound but lexis customers are not supposed to swim at grand lexis pool :p but we all hantam jer coz lexis pool is so packed!

Monday, December 26, 2011

don't leave me again..

I looked all over for you when I needed you. But you are no where to be found. I knew I kept you somewhere so that it'll be easy for me to find you. The last time you hid yourself from me, I found you in my car's dashboard. I looked for you there but you were not there! I felt like crying.. I needed you to charge Connor for Joey's concert. In the end I had to borrow for a friend. And this morning, as I seated on the sofa, there was this urge for me to look into the woven bag where I put all the halloween party costume. In my heart says, "please, let it be in here".. Slowly I looked and push away one by one of the items in the bag.. And... Waalaaa!!! I found you!!! God I was so glad!! Alhamdulillah was the first word I uttered! And I held you close and went into Lisa's room with a wide smile! "Lisa, I found it!" :D and Lisa smiled at my so happy face!! Yey!!!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Saturday, December 24, 2011

rainbow cake

the taste is not so sweet... lisa and i finished a big portion of it in my car while driving to the tailor's house.. hehehe :D and the icing was also just nice... wanna try some? click on the right and fill up the order form :) 

Friday, December 23, 2011

my activity during sch hols?

its coming to end already.... plans? hmmm everything was impromptu... i just booked a holiday for my family and my parents... and later got to know that N1's (my eldest sister) family is coming along.. but they are staying in another place. so anyway... after planning that and paid.. suddenly N1 said, we are still gonna proceed with the khatam quran ceremony... i went... errkk!!!  dannggg!!! so okay... i was kinda glad that i have sent lisa's dress... but guess what?? the blardy tailor made it wrong!!! how the hell that she sew it so tight that i can see every inch of lisa's body shape!! for heaven's sake, i told her specifically that i want is loose and it is supposed to act like a long jubah!! hello!!! so now i have to make a new one for lisa!! 
this would be simple for the khatam pelamin... 

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Keep your identity

@islamicthinking on twitter:

Being a Muslim is a huge part of your identity now. That doesn't mean you can't barbeque with your friends or watch football on Sundays. If there are things in your culture that do not directly contradict with basic Islamic creed, then you are welcome to keep those things in your life. You do not need to start wearing Arab or Indian clothing. As long as your clothes cover what they are supposed to cover, you are in the clear.

Many converts are also exposed to really weird food that is overly spicy or funny tasting. This might lead us to think that eating curry is sunnah or something righteous. We can still have our own culture and tastes in food: pot roast and beans are still halal!

There are many other examples of things that you will be exposed to that are from foreign cultures and do not necessarily have anything to do with Islam. Our goal as new Muslims is to worship Allah (swt), not to add a Pakistani or Arab identity to our persona.

It is good to have a teacher who understands the subtleties of different opinion in fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence) and can inform you of differences among the scholars on issues that are of concern. Most people in masjid will have a very limited view of the juristic possibilities inside the Islamic tradition. Islam is a vast tradition and we should not make it small. These diverse opinions are there to help us, not cause strain on ourselves.

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

he locked me out!

cheh..... bertuah punya laki! hmmmm... kaiser finished his class early yesterday and asked me if he needs to pick me up from the office... then i told him, i was already at my parents' place, i borrowed N4's car... so anyway... he said, he'd have dinner first since i wanna watch my tentangdhia drama :P hehhehe and as usual, i'll have dinner with my parents and joelis. got home immediately since i know kaiser is gonna be home early... by the time we got home it was like just before 9pm... kaiser was already on the sofa.. i went upstairs, showered and perform my isya'. later went to lisa's room and check on her as she was having her cramps... went downstairs again... got stuck with a malay drama.. and guess what.... aaron aziz was in it.. jangan mare... :P hahaha :D ok ok... then had to move the cars... now kaiser is so particular and wants his car to be in the garage too... duuhh.. :P ok lah whatever... after the drama, i put joey to sleep... as usual, will hug him first lah... listen to his stories first lah... snif snif him a lil bit... ermmm ok... sniffing part was normally a lot... hahahah :D anyway, after that i wanted to sleep... and guess what??? kaiser locked the bedroom door!

me: knock knock
kaiser: your mother is downstairs! *shouting from inside the room*
me: hey hello....
kaiser: *quiet*
me: knock knock.. *harder knock this time*
kaiser: your mother is downstairs!
me: hey!! open the door lah... it's me!!
kaiser: haa? i locked the door or what?
me: yes laa... open the door!
kaiser: heh heh :D how'd i know...
me: ja ja ja... tomorrow you come upstairs late, i lock the door!
kaiser: its okay... then i have the sofa
me: gud.. then we'll see tomorrow!


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

happy mode :D

just got back from lunch... first i thought of going out... then lens had something to do first... then we were thinking... ahh just have lunch here lah... well anyway... went to meet up with lens at GJ... and then came mai, lind & wan... yey... almost the whole usual lunch kaki ... :P had a good time at malones kl sentral... i ordered the beef rib... not that nice la... biasa2 only... we were yik yakking that we lost track of the time... anyway.. as we walked back to the office... bumped into lil & man... aahhh... another gathering is so happening soon... very very soon...i hope!! :) :) calling amin, manan, ally & taine..
this was my lunch today... looks good but quite muak for me lah...

Monday, December 19, 2011

I am a muslim & I am proud :)

If you commit a sin, say "Astaghfir-ullah (I ask Allah for forgiveness)."

If you are given a blessing, say, "Al-Hamdu-Lillaah (praise be to Allah)."

If some disaster befalls you, say, "Innaa Lillaahi wa innaa ilayhi raaji'oon" (Truly, to Allah we belong and truly, to Him we shall return).

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as of this date and this time i have a new look for my blog.. yey!! :P hokay... this is what happens when i am so god damn sleepy and my brain just won't work.. at least not for office work as i am already in my holiday mood!! yeyyyy.... psst psstt... i was browsing through air asia.. somehow really feel like wanna visit my ex parents' in law in kelantan... i miss my ayoh actually... hermmm... they say even if we are divorced, parents in law are still in tact, right? or i am wrong? or perhaps it is just me who think of them.. and they don't think of me - or us? but i think they think of joelis la.. but me.. apa hal nak pikir pasai aku lak kan.. hahahah :D wishful thinking :P 

ah... what else... ohh... we were talking about renovation and stuff right? hmmm... yeah, we were at our future condo... the name? inbox me la, i will tell you... :P hahaha if i have stalker ... dangerous whoaaa.... (perasan mode) :P akakakakak... anyway... the rental there is minimum about rm4,500 per month but we got a very good rate lah... why?? heheheh :D coz it belongs to my bro in law... N1's husband lah... as we were scouting for a place to stay after we had to move out.. i remembered about his condo.. that is empty... orang berwang gitu lah... rumah banyak tapi kosong... kalau beruang macam aku ni... rumah pun tak siap lagi.. itu pun share dgn mak...hahaha :D gatai, ada rumah mendatangkan untung pergi jual.. hmmm aparaa... okeh... back to the topic ye tuan puan.. :P so anyway, i just tried to ask him... and he asked me how much are we paying rental now.. so i said lah.. about rm2k ++ and straight away... 'okay lah... you rent my place' ahahh!! i had a feeling that kaiser will like the place because it is new and more foreigners.. and true enough... with the price that my bro in law gave.. difficult to say no ;)

ok lah... now you know where lah... :P

Sunday, December 18, 2011

pouring it out...

not really speechless, but more of dunno what to write first... so much/many (whatever..?) things jumbling in my head. and its like i actually don't know what is bothering me. or maybe i know but i don't know what to do yet... or how to settle it one by one? had so many things happening so fast around me :( maybe or is it because i am too sad to leave our current home? sob..sob..sob... and i just wanted someone to listen to my sadness or to share with me without telling me to move on? of course i know i should move on... move out lagi! :P hehehe but you know sometimes i just wanna be able to let out my feelings... argghhh.... 

let me just try to tell you what happened today... as usual, sunday is a busy day... and i will always be out for breakfast even if there is breakfast on the table :P sorry just wanna be out kut... although everyday pun i won't be having breakfast at home... just gatal :P then, went to jusco to redeem my points... hmm somehow it's good that kaiser came along, otherwise i may be changing my mind on where to go and ended not really going anywhere... and not much things done. got joey a pair of new jeans with the voucher :P then cut his hair.. i thought i wanted to blow my hair getting ready for work tomorrow but nahhh... sayang pulak duit... dan dan tu lah sayang duit... :P :o before that we tried to look for a pair of new swimming suit for lisa.. could not get her size.. hmmm 

next was to ampang park to pick up lisa's dresses.. and so geram coz both were not like what i ordered... gggrr.... the tailor made it too fitting when i purposely told her not to. and it took me 2 weeks to actually went there to get it.. :( and i paid for it :(( aggrrhhhh so tak puas hati... and her khatam quran is on the 31st dec 2011!! :( aduhhh.... what is she gonna wear now :(

done with that... when we got home, i fall asleep when i was supposed to perform zuhur... gosh... anyway, later went to our future condo coz N1 and my BIL were there with the contractor to do the kitchen cabinet. i was quite worried coz gotta also think of getting water heater coz the unit was basic and with the price that we are charged, segan to ask for so many things... for a start, joey & lisa were already fighting for rooms... i went speechless... ermmm... how laa..  my conclusion was, they rotate the rooms after a year... 

can i continue this some other time? suddenly i am feeling so bluegghhhh... and just wanna stop ... i don't know... hormone imbalance? time of the month kut :( and i have been eating like a pig!! and i am serious! :o

Thursday, December 15, 2011

need for a compact? :)

canon - delighting you always.... ehh... delighting me, always! :) i might get strangled by kaiser for spending unnecessarily.. but... but... may i? may i? puhlezzzz...

Digital IXUS 230 HS
rm 899
but fate was not on my side.... went downstairs with wids just now, the booth was already closed... i guess it says, Ein, you should not buy :P hahahahaha :D LOL

blue face

sorry... dunno what to put as a title. i am not actually bored... very very very busy that i am out of i dont know what to do first?? ermm.. anyway, just to entertain my dear come-back visitors... hehehe :D sorry guys... i have loads of stories to blog about... but too busy now... will be right back - definitely! :)