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by - November 25, 2011

when my darling princess decided that she wants to continue wearing hijab, i was worried. i truly understand that it is a must do in islam. nevertheless, in my personal opinion, in order to be doing so, cleansing yourself your inner self.. should come together with the decision. for some, they may say, once you decide to be in hijab, you will be reminded to act accordingly. but in reality, do you see those happening around us.. in this little world of ours? looking back at myself, will i be able to do the sacrifice that i need to do once i decide to? i don't know... do i want to? i would say 'yes' to that now.. but..*sigh* maybe, i am not ready? there are a lot of things to consider and to take care of.... behavior, communication, thinking... and all of those..if only there is someone out there scores 100% ... she must be an angel :) and back to my princess, alhamdulillah so far she is holding on strong. but at the same time, i am afraid or a lil bit of being nervous for her. she is only 14 and at times i feel that it is too much for her to handle at that age. if you ask me, i would say ok for her to do certain things or to behave in such a way, ie being a child.. currently, she is strongly being careful in all aspects of her life. i am just afraid that she might explode someday. and if she does, i pray that i will be there to be with her. 

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