Saturday, November 5, 2011

manja2 with joelis

taken yesterday night, while waiting for his daddy to come and pick him up.. we watched tv together... and joey held my hand :) yeah.. i am sure gonna miss him... just spoke on the phone with him.. he is about to sleep... :) *sigh*... 

today i was out since morning... had late breakfast with MIL, and lisa at nasi lemak uptown... my teeth is really arggghhh... each time after meal it hurts.. coz some food will get in between my 2 teeth.. :'( how laa... and oh yes, i took my dresses.. so tomorrow will wear them for hari raya adha :) and an adhoc cooking requested by lisa when we got home.. it was already like almost 6pm.. took out the chicken from the freezer.. i went upstairs..and believe it or not.. i fell asleep for about 15 minutes... by the time i got up it was 640pm! alamak... quickly rushed downstairs..took out the onions.. cut them into slices.. throw them in the frying pan.. then the chicken.. waited for awhile for them to soften, pour garlic powder, black pepper.. kicap... and later low fat milk.. :) and wallllaaa....below is the result ;) sedap je makan 3 orang.. :P