letting go of my frustration

i had this chat with kaiser last night on the way home... we were talking about doing something together... ermm can't say much at the moment. work has been a frustration for me lately. given the chance, i would tender 24 hours' resignation - if i am still single... but at the moment, i am still working because of my 2 kids. frustrated with the new so-called leadership in our organisation. as per the training that i have attended 2 weeks ago with a few other managers, "if you put a 'lousy' leader in an organisation, the organisation will drown with that kind of leadership" a decision to place a suitable leader needs a detail consideration... in short, we are sorry with the kind of leadership in this organisation. 

so at the moment the best is i supposed to have our own business.. let's see if i can do the project paper.. :) and we had a chat with another friend last night while having dinner.. we kinda feel strong about it. 


~ kOmpem la nak benti..??
Ein said…
yes, once all the preparation is done :)
~ akhirnyer..!!! dh pk abeh la nih..? nO regret..??
~ amalak kakak..!! me gOnna miss u la..how..??
Ein said…
dah pikir abis :) relax la dek non.. bukan skrg... but soon enough la.. bila sumer dah kowtim...

kalau miss esok, rajin2 la baca blog ;)
~ alah..nk rajin bace blog..skang pung memang rajin pe..takyah tunggu akak benti baru kena rajin..
~ ye la..hrp² akak tak nyesal eh..

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