Tuesday, November 1, 2011

it makes me smile - part 2

when i feel sad, i will read people's tweets... they can really make me laugh... seriously! and until kaiser would ask, "why are you laughing?" hehehe :D some of my favorites would be #dearpleasesay, #damrighttweets, # myquotesbooks... and aahh many more... and i followed some celebrities too i.e adibahnoor, wardina, dato dr fadzilah kamsah... and hey... who says twitter is a waste of time? use it for educational purposes... insyaAllah you will gain than losing ;) #islamicthinking etc... 

hmmm perhaps i could open up my tweets again? ermmm.. let me just think about it first ;) good night everyone, i should get some sleep... :) may Allah swt be with me tomorrow during my meeting.. ;)