Friday, November 18, 2011

hold up to your principle

personally i have never thought that i would have an issue with you. my advice for you, 'never assume or put words in my mouth'!. you are assuming that i felt that way, but honestly i don't feel that way. hence i turned my head...(not nodding/agreeing to your statement). after many months now, i just felt that (a general statement for all), to be a leader (just thinking aloud - without attending any exclusive leadership programme, this is based on own experience and reading on how to be a fair and successful leader):
  • we should be able to be decisive.
  • we should dare to back up our people when things doesn't go its way, provided our staff does not do anything that is against the company policy.
  • we should not accuse our staff of doing something that is not right without facts or proofs.
  • we should not threat our staff to leave or even suggest or imply to them to leave if we cannot work together. 
  • we should dare to take the risk in our own decision.
  • we shouldn't say things differently behind people's back. i.e. bad mouthing other people just to gain trust?? what the heck?? 

whatever that i do on a daily basis is due to the job responsibility that i have commit with this company that i love. if i do not love this company, i will not have stayed for many many years... 

the trust is gone.. but that does not mean i will not give you a chance, again. you will have to earn the trust from your people. although i know now, you may say things different in front and behind me (or anyone for that matter) you may say a different thing. history shows... the wall has ears and eyes.... you will have to deal with your own shadow and inferiority ;)

may Allah swt help me through this journey, ameen. 


orochimaruNM orochimaruNM said...

~ aminnn..

Ein said...

thx for the feedback :) cepat nya... eh x nmpk online pun, cuti ehh?