Monday, November 21, 2011

happy mode

the proposal is already on the move... cheyyy... i am so happy... i remembered what one of my trainer told me, if you are unhappy with something, divert it elsewhere, as in, some people tend to do something else and all the energy of happiness will be flooded to where the negativity was :) does it make sense? well, if you can think with your brain, it'll make sense, but if you choose to think with your emotion, it'll go no where. i had a lil incident awhile ago, where someone was expressing the feelings, but without even listening to the reasoning, i was shut off. i would say that was a rude behavior. but it's okay... the action was forgiven. i supposed some people just cannot take constructive advice, but i guess it's okay.. the level of maturity is different and i am accepting it. just feel sorry for some, that, by behaving in such a way, there is no progress in life. and again, i must remember, don't waste my energy there in future :) pass your knowledge to those who appreciates