Tuesday, November 22, 2011

congrats harimau muda malaysia!

yeup.... we won for the football match between Malaysia & Indonesia last night. by the time i got home, the score was already 1-1... wasn't really in the mood to watch.. but somehow when i was glued to the couch... my finger switched the channel to 103 :D hehehehe :D and got stuck watching it while twitting and fb-ing at the same time.

from a person who doesn't know the details of football rules, i'd say.. it was a tough fight.. my personal opinion, indo players played well, and somehow i was quite upset with malaysian team as some of the players seemed to be playing rough and creates drama. one person that caught may attention was fakri... demmm that guy... he likes to carik pasal in the field... fahmy... is still my favorite... the spiderman/superman whatever you wanna call him.. but i'd call him spiderman looking at the ball stucked in his hands.. hehehe :D superb!! good job fahmy!! you saved us... and i must say also, malaysian team's defend is good... but towards the end, stamina kureng ;)

congrats harimau malaysia!! you've made us proud!! :)