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choose your 'friends' wisely

by - November 24, 2011

attending a few motivational talks has taught me different ways to look at life. having a few types of acquaintances teaches me that it is true, how people around you may influence your own behavior, whether or not you realize it. even my 11 year old son knows the different between 'kenalan' & 'kawan', which in my own terms, those whom i knew as 'kawan' & 'sahabat'. and to write more.. maybe it's called, 'friends' & 'acquaintance'. somehow, joey is worried that he will not have friends in his new class next year :) it's funny how he made it that ..

joey: ma, selalukan tiap2 tahun sebelum naik class, joey akan doa, joey akan dapat class dengan siapa. tapi tahun ni joey sibuk sangat dengan orchestra, joey lupa nak doa. next year kawan2 joey semua class lain. :(
me: relax la joey, nanti snacks time kan joey boleh lepak dengan diorang jugak.
joey: snacks time? *giving me that naughty smirk on his face*
me: okay lah... time rehat... break time, recess.. whatever you call it :P
joey: hehehh.. hmmm..
me: anyway, joey kan ada kelly! :D
joey: ma!! 

so back to the topic... 

Your friends say a lot about you as a person. If you surround yourself with dishonest, unkind people, then their traits will eventually rub off on you somewhat. While no one is perfect, you shouldn't spent lots of time with negative people who will only bring you down. Instead, choose friends that you admire. If your friends have solid character traits like intelligence, loyalty, kindness and dedication, you'll see that they have a positive effect on your life. It's perfectly fine for you to take your time in the beginning stages of a relationship in order to really choose your friends wisely.
  • learn from your past friendships.
  • make friends at the right places. 
  • don't share too much of your personal details until you determined that the person in trustworthy. some may just wanna be nosy ;)
  • observe how they treat others. how they treat the janitors, waiters and valet attendants... a truly nice person will treat everyone nicely... :) 
  • ask about their family... you will learn about them more when they tell about their family... hmm i guess in my case i'd have different types.. :P hahhaa
  • be honest in friendship...but if you find there is dishonest, you may back from the friendship... :) i have done this and will always keep this in mind. 
  • respect your own time.. a good/true friend will respect your time... 

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