Sunday, November 13, 2011

ayah turned 72!

nov 12, 2011: my dad turned 72... alhamdulillah... he is as naughty as always and cheerful.. :) it has been a busy day today for all.. my dad had to be the cashier at the cafe :p hehehe tawkey had to work also lah... :P.. my sister (N3) had a stall at the food carnival.. and lisa helped her to sell some muffins, cakes.. etc :) and that night all of us gathered at san francisco pizza at wangsa maju. passed the place so many times, but this was the first time here.. :) food was not bad.. i had salmon steak and it was yummyylicious... the gravy and all... i heard the lamb chop was superb too! i arrived a bit late coz our landlord came to the house to show the house to some potential buyer... anyway, happy birthday ayah... we wish you all the best of health... may Allah takes care of you always :) love you so much!