Saturday, November 12, 2011


alhamdulillah... after 7 days not coming into the office, yesterday was a very good day for me. :) was busy the whole day since morning.. couldnt even get to have proper breakfast.. not that good.. but productive day. :) had a not so good lunch, but at least i had something to eat ;) alhamdulillah... 

came back to the office with a refreshed mind set. i understand better and thank you for the reminder ya Allah... and thank you to the speakers, Tn Hj Dato Dr Fadzillah Kamsah & Ustaz Azlan for a refreshing 2 days training. i am being remindered... all those frustration that i had while going to work before alhamdulillah are gone. not totally but i managed to get rid of those not nice feelings. 

alhamdulillah, i will be around to watch him fall... him, who say fitnah about me.. and accused me of doing something that i did not and never do, insyaAllah... he, who threaten me to leave my job...  the person who tries to sweet talk my team members so that they go behind my back... insyaAllah... God will pay cash nowadays.. and alhamdulillah so far, i have a good team who works together... duniawi is temporary, this, i am reminding you... in fact all of you including myself.. :) i felt much much better, with a reminded and refreshed mind in my head... that tells me, "its ok if people do not appreciate what i do, because i know my grant will be given by Allah" 

Allah swt will always be with those who are honest and true to yourselves.