Sunday, October 2, 2011

swans party - black & white ..

okay... i am a bit confused here... there was supposed to be a birthday party and the theme was black & white swan? or was it ballerina? anyway... the girls were supposed to wear a tu-tu? hmmm you'll see at the pictures later :) i have been neglecting connor... pity him.. so today i decided to use him :) after a long long time.. ohh just in case you have forgotten, connor is a name for my canon 500D :) 

the party was supposed to start at 4pm.. but by the time i got there at 3pm.. i don't see any food! :o errkk.. am i missing something here?? and only by 4pm that N3 came over with the food & cakes... she made 2 beautiful cakes for the birthday girls :) but i did not get to taste it... i forgot :p

anyway, by just gathering the whole family members, it's enough to have a party... it was a good way to end the weekend coz i have been not well for the whole of last week :( i am getting much better now.. enjoy the pic everyone! :)