Wednesday, October 12, 2011

challenges & my belief

okay... get ready all of you readers coz i am going to start to blab now. i really need it.. after a few incidences that is happening around, you can never know whom you can trust around you. some people may ask because they care, and most people were only curious and perhaps they can add salt and pepper to it upon listening to your incidences. 

anyway... i believe whatever happens around me because Allah swt has it planned and He is testing my courage and patience and ability to handle situations. It is just that i pray that the person who is doing this will understand that whatever that is accused of me will only get back to the person.. and the challenge that is given to me is just gonna make me stronger.. as the truth is out there. you told me about karma, what goes around comes around, i believe it was actually meant for you. :) you said it, and you should listen to yourself. and when you threatened me, suggesting one of us should leave, you do your math! chicken sh$7!!! most of us here have seen and experience it with you and they know how you do your work and whether or not you are capable. you may use other people's words for your own benefit.. its okay.. someday.. you will face it. think before you utter your words... once spoken, damage is done.. you need to earn our respect. 
teamwork - when we used to be 1 happy family :(
dear readers, you cannot be a success by putting a blame on other people or make other people look incompetent or try to find fault or weakness on other people. you should bring out your own strength, portray your honesty, integrity and sincerity in doing your work or whatever that you are doing. and by working in a team, when you bring out the whole team's capability, your team will become better, stronger and will achieve success together. you lead... have faith and 'bimbing' your team member... not just put everything on their shoulder, you blame them if anything goes wrong, or only you take the credit when things go your way. you define what kind of a leader you wanna be. 

as speaking for myself, i have my idol... in fact i have 2 idols in leadership. they teach me everything... how to handle situations... people management... thinking positive.. being happy in life... making things less complicated and enjoy life & be with your family at the same time... 

Ya Allah... i will accept all these challenges you are giving me, i know You know that i am strong... please help me retain this strength... 

and baby... mama was just talking to papa... please be nice to me.. heheheh :D mama loves you <3