Thursday, October 27, 2011

blabber kuat!

  • boring aaa... when there are too many restrictions in the office, can't even release tension to read blogs.. can't comment on blogs :(
  • i errmm... sprained my urat few days back.. i think somehow has got something to do with bb-ing?
  • its difficult to type coz my jari kelingking is not comfortable.
  • in a dillema coz my joey wants to go to kelantan for hari raya haji. and he said, "ma, joey bukan nak spend time dengan auntie Sha, joey nak jumpa mok & ayoh" and i just smiled... i miss them too...  :( i dont mind at all... coz right now, joey is enjoying ... ermmm either playing with his younger brother KK or merebut playing the ipad/iphone with his younger brother... but whatever it is, joey loves to play or even babysit babies/toddlers :) he is such a loving boy.. and sometimes after he comes home from spending time with his dad, stepmom and younger brother, he would mengadu about his younger brother.. and i'd say, "macam tu la kalau joey jadi abang... kena la mengalah :) kakak lisa byk mengalah dgn joey kan" :) and he'll go... "hmmmmpphh.. ok..." and back to his jovial him :)
  • my hunt is still in the dark...
  • another round of hunting a house for rent coz our owner wants to sell off the house. and currently we do not find it menguntungkan to buy the house although its price is really low now.. :( how la brown cow... we can buy if not for investment... coz in our area, tak de demand for rental.. means cannot generate income :(
  • currently tengah pening kepala nak settle cashflow for our cafe... arrghh.. and N1 is going for her haj this weekend..she's the expert.. how laa...
  • dlm pada blabber merapu... happy jugak semalam... had a good time with my family... and then went out shopping with Lisa, Marissa and N1... and i got 1 free dress... yey... esok leh collect :p nanti i upload gambar ehh.. :)
  • tengah seronok tengok drama soffiya and cinta elysa... best best :D :D


orochimaruNM orochimaruNM said...

~ lagik..?? tak cukup tuh akak bebel..akak kena tambah lagik tuh bebelan akak..ehehehe