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blabber kuat!

boring aaa... when there are too many restrictions in the office, can't even release tension to read blogs.. can't comment on blogs :(i errmm... sprained my urat few days back.. i think somehow has got something to do with bb-ing?its difficult to type coz my jari kelingking is not a dillema coz my joey wants to go to kelantan for hari raya haji. and he said, "ma, joey bukan nak spend time dengan auntie Sha, joey nak jumpa mok & ayoh" and i just smiled... i miss them too...  :( i dont mind at all... coz right now, joey is enjoying ... ermmm either playing with his younger brother KK or merebut playing the ipad/iphone with his younger brother... but whatever it is, joey loves to play or even babysit babies/toddlers :) he is such a loving boy.. and sometimes after he comes home from spending time with his dad, stepmom and younger brother, he would mengadu about his younger brother.. and i'd say, "macam tu la kalau joey jadi abang... kena la m…

Esok cuti la

Been late to school twice this week. Simply because lisa is off school the whole week, so I took the chance to wake up a bit later. :p made chicken mayo sandwich for breakfast today.. Touch up my hair early morning :) and left home 715am.. Well, reached joey's school around 735am.. Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡K lahh.. 5 mins late jer :p ƗƗɐƗƗɐƗƗɐ"̮.. And in the car, joey said:

Ma, mama tak yah buat breakfast pagi pun tak pe.
Nanti kalau mama buat breakfast pagi, kita lambat.
*me smile*
Esok kita gi awal ya Ma, mama tak yah buat breakfast.
Joey nak gi mana esok awal? Nak semayang raya kat kuil ke?
Eh!! ƗƗɐƗƗɐƗƗɐ"̮.. Alamak lupa.. Esok raya..

All of us laughing in the car :D

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Chasing assignment submission deadline

Pergghh sounded like the uni days :) anyway, that was joey ƗƗɐƗƗɐƗƗɐ"̮.. His schedule was packed last weekend.. Started off doing his project paper last week.. Continued last nite at my parents' place.. Taking the time when I was having my massage.. Still not finished.. Continued in the car while I drove home.. When we reached home, kaiser was upset coz we came home late and kids were supposed to be in bed 2 hours earlier.. Errmm well, joey needed to finish his assignment anyway.. Do you know how much he struggled between, exams, orchestra, meeting his dad & doing his assignment on the same weekend??? And I am proud that he finished it :)

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veggie for kids Part 1

lisa had viral fever last week, and her hemoglobin was lower than normal... this is the 3rd test that she did this year and the result was similar... she needs to eat her veggies.. in fact, both joelis need it... but kids are kids.. why is it so difficult to eat veggies?? somehow, i got this in my email today.. and i shall post some of the veggies recipes :) let's share and get our kids to start eating their veggies :) sources: BroccoliIf you think your children don’t like broccoli, try roasting it! Roasting broccoli at a high temperature brings out all of its sweet flavors, so it tastes completely different than if you normally boil or steam it. If you’d like to add more flavor, you can zest a lemon over the top before roasting, or sprinkle good Parmesan cheese over it when it comes out of the oven. Ingredients1-1 1/2 lbs broccoli florets, washed, dried & cut in 1" piecesextra virgin olive oilsaltfr…
today is the 1st day i come to work after 2 days on medical leave... need not to mention why i was on leave... not really important :P just that now i am taking it easy :) i am just layaning my sleepyness in the office right now when i suddenly looked at my family photo on my table :) and i was thinking... how did i end up with this man? hehehheheh :D it was like a dream... hahahaha :D jiwang mode... ok ok... change topic.. whatever it is, alhamdulillah, i am happy with his positive improvements :) he is a good man indeed :)) 

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Chilling out with my princess

After dentist visit, its time for my appointment.. I am supposed to take it easy so that's what I am doing :) now in bangsar with my princess and she wants ice-cream... :p
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Supper time!

Sorry ekkk tengah jakun blogging dari henfon! Ahakksss... Joey & I are sitting down for supper now.. My tummy doesn't feel so good... And I feel a bit nausea.. And hungry. Didn't really took that much of chicken chop.. So when we got home, I made 2 mugs of milo, cicah roti :))

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joke :D

cer compare :P

i dont feel so good today.... so my lunch buddy decided to have light lunch.. in my head and hers, we wanted salad... so, a good one would be the one at delicious, mid valley...nearest to our office. anyway, thats not the reason why i post this... hehehehe :D while waiting for the slowwwww waiter to pass us the menu, i took a shot of myself.. errmmm wids did lah.. :P and somehow, i liked the new photo of me.. heheheh my arms looked skinny...ahaksss... :P

dont corrupt my mind!!

i need to warn hubby.... next time do not bring me to test drive any car!! or then, i will not stop thinking about it... i am not gonna let go my baby... at least not now... gimme another 2 or 3 years.. can laa... aarrghh... i am starting to love my baby more now..
btw, below was one of the cars that we test drive :) hehehhee :D memang best, handling cornering pun bagus.. stabil... tak bising on road bump, quite soft.. my plus points would be, its big.. i have always love a 4WD pun, or maybe this one is SUV? can be a 7-seater... the last row is spacious for leg-room, there is air-cond.. banyak button best2 kat depan dashboard hehehe :D driving feel is nicer than the hyundai tucson... 
price OTR rm159K, and monthly payment about rm1,700... hmmmm 

Tweet from @MyQuotesBook

@MyQuotesBook: If a girl cries for a boy, that means she really loved him but if a boy cries for a girl, nobody will ever love that girl the way he did.

- and I knw D, u were the guy.. *sigh* -
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Sunday with hubby

Yesterday, kaiser was errmm whining, he wanted to go to naza world. So today what I had to do is arrange my schedule so that I give everyone the attention they need.. Hmmmm

As usual sunday morning breakfast out - then I dropped off the laundry. Kaiser was already out for his class. I settled joey's music class, then came back. Lisa has been down with fever on and off since friday :( after lunch, went home. Kaiser accompanied my mom to buy bags of rice for the cafe while we were out at wangsa walk mall.

Next, drove to naza world.. Test drove 2 cars :D ƗƗɐƗƗɐƗƗɐ"̮.. For the fun of it :p 1 chevrolet captiva and the other one was the cruze. I like the 4wd better, as usual.. It was just a test drive anyway ;)

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and she missed it...

today is the 1st day for lisa going home on the school bus. so in the morning before she get out of the car, i reminded her to be with ally, her friend... and somehow, since it is the first day, i would expect something like this might happen :P heheheh :D she called me just now and ask..
"ma, what time did you say the school bus will arrive?" *my eyes were already looking at my lappy's clock - 3.53pm when i replied* "girl, should be 3.45pm... and you missed it?" "errmm..yeah... bas nya tak de pun.." "laa.. bas nya tunggu depan sekolah.. where's ally?" "i was looking for her the whole day - but could not find her.. hmm tak per la, lisa tunggu the stayback bus, ada kan?" "hmm yeah.. ada, you go there and look for the bus number.. WXX 0000 okay... anything please call me back" "okay ma" i quickly called the bus driver... and only to know that today there is no stayback bus!! :o errkkk....and i cant call lisa coz kids …

challenges & my belief

okay... get ready all of you readers coz i am going to start to blab now. i really need it.. after a few incidences that is happening around, you can never know whom you can trust around you. some people may ask because they care, and most people were only curious and perhaps they can add salt and pepper to it upon listening to your incidences. 
anyway... i believe whatever happens around me because Allah swt has it planned and He is testing my courage and patience and ability to handle situations. It is just that i pray that the person who is doing this will understand that whatever that is accused of me will only get back to the person.. and the challenge that is given to me is just gonna make me stronger.. as the truth is out there. you told me about karma, what goes around comes around, i believe it was actually meant for you. :) you said it, and you should listen to yourself. and when you threatened me, suggesting one of us should leave, you do your math! chicken sh$7!!! most of u…

My thots

#i think: in a happy marriage, your partner will not degrade you, make fun of you, especially in front of your own friends :/

The way to make your wife happy is to surprise her with a treat :) ƗƗɐƗƗɐƗƗɐ"̮.. Yey!!! - yes it's related to me.. Thank you sayang :*

Allah is just testing your patience.. Hv faith in Him.
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Kissing my sweethearts

I just got upstairs after drinking a glass of eno.. Tried to watch tv with kaiser but nothing interesting on tv. My eyes are tired of looking at norman's & memey's wedding that was announced to be so grand but actually it seemed to be more of a show of jewelleries.. How boring an unoriginal..

Went to lisa's room and kissed her again :) felt her forehead, she's Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡K .. Asked her to take some flu medicine before she sleeps. Next was joey.. As usual he sleeps like number 7! Just like when he was a baby.. Kissed him again and pull his blanket up :) hmmmphhh :)) how wonderful to have such beautiful children, alhamdulillah.

Good nite all! It's tiring typing with small keypad :p
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terlanjur cinta - rossa ft pasha

come join me :)

penghujung cintaku

why do i cry when i sing this song? it is supposed to be a happy ending song..  i guess, its just that hmmm... its different when you marry a mat salleh? :p you cant really express how you feel? * sigh *  i am practising this song so that some day i can sing this at karaoke session.. hahahah :D

joey: ehh naper mama nangis?
mama: hehehe entah...
joey: teruk sangat ke?
mama: apa yang teruk?
joey: mama nyanyi sampai nangis?
mama: oit!! kurang asam betul!!
joey: heh heh heh :D

swans party - black & white ..

okay... i am a bit confused here... there was supposed to be a birthday party and the theme was black & white swan? or was it ballerina? anyway... the girls were supposed to wear a tu-tu? hmmm you'll see at the pictures later :) i have been neglecting connor... pity him.. so today i decided to use him :) after a long long time.. ohh just in case you have forgotten, connor is a name for my canon 500D :) 
the party was supposed to start at 4pm.. but by the time i got there at 3pm.. i don't see any food! :o errkk.. am i missing something here?? and only by 4pm that N3 came over with the food & cakes... she made 2 beautiful cakes for the birthday girls :) but i did not get to taste it... i forgot :p
anyway, by just gathering the whole family members, it's enough to have a party... it was a good way to end the weekend coz i have been not well for the whole of last week :( i am getting much better now.. enjoy the pic everyone! :)