Saturday, September 3, 2011

window shopping ~ ukay seraya @ ukay perdana

click on the photo to go to developer's website
ishhh should ask for commission lah from developer for promoting their houses :P
dapat sebijik rumah kat sini, jadik lah! LOL :D
today is the 5th raya :) so, we went to ukay seraya... ahahahah... ehhh.. not the 90's band boys group 'ukays' okay.. talking about houses here... more of resort style..pergghh... i tell you... you'll cry watching man!! ahakss... we went to the show house yesterday but it was closed. the guy asked us to come back.. so today we went lah.. [looking at show houses is one of our favorite things to do when we are free :) ~ other than going to harley davidson or car show rooms] well anyway, upon our observation... it was a good buy... the interior are with good quality, good quality doors, sink, bath tub etc.. 

there were 3 types of houses but we liked the type A..maybe because it was already fully furnished. the ID job was fantastic! the house interior cutting.. or layout plan was properly done and systematic. spacious rooms.. including the maid's room, which is good. i'd say worth paying rm3.8M to RM5M for the house with swimming pool. we started looking around.. pointing out... lisa's room and joey's room.. then the guests room, the mini gym that we can create..hehehe... and i told kaiser, if this is our house, then i will need a lived-in maid.. and kaiser agreed...'2 maids' he said! errkkk... :p on 2nd thought.. i'd have a house manager and a maid.. ;) enjoy the pictures all! ;) all these taken from my bb :) so, pls excuse the photos quality yaa.. ;)

our comparison: with uurmmm what's that's called? oohh amberhill @ melawati that we went to see 2 weeks ago...this one is much much better!! unfortunately, most of these houses are all sold.. only 3 left and with no swimming pool cost about RM3.8M :( * hehehee macam la aku mampu nak beli kan :P* well anyway... we were also thinking, at the end of the day... there are only 4 of us in the house.. do we really need a home that huge? errmm... so... this is our plan.. insyaAllah we'll be getting a smaller corner semi-d nearby our home now which either the RM860K or RM1.2M.. and get an ID who can do the interior like this house... if the house above, the ID cost about RM500K..maybe we can invest around RM200K since our home is smaller ;) cool huh... and add another RM170K for a swimming pool...ahhhh bliss!! life is so wonderful!! :) ameen!!