Sunday, September 25, 2011

top hat restaurant - my personal review

i have tonnes of things to do.. but i must write this review ok.. please..please..please... :) simply because i believe as customers, we need to give feedback so that they will improve. 

my daughter was invited to a birthday party for her friend's younger brother who turned 2 year old in september 2011. i accompanied my daughter since my meeting was cancelled. this was the 1st time i visited top hat restaurant after they have moved and changed management.. or perhaps, being bought over.. 

when we arrived, i was stunned by the decor of the restaurant. made me feel like i am entering an english movie set or something. it was nice and cosy, and inviting. nothing much to comment about until almost the end of the party. 

the party was supposed to end at 6pm (as per invitation), somehow by 5pm, there were no more drinks. not refilled... the jugs were taken away from the buffet area. and i heard the Mr A asking the waiters where are the drinks. one of the waiter looked at Mr A and shook his head like telling 'no more' Mr A asked again.. and he said "dah habis". so Mr A ordered more... "Tadi saya order lagi, kenapa tak buat lagi?" and at this moment, the waiter actually 'menjeling' and Mr A and went to make more drinks i believe.. gosh... i feel like pulling the waiter's eyes out.. and tell him, if you don't want to work here, then leave.. that is not the way to attend to your customer!! 

if i was the host, i would have made a complaint to the manager or at least the owner, because during that party, there was 1 lady leading the team. 

  • date of visit: 24th Sept 2011
  • location: jalan stonor, kuala lumpur.
  • place: beautiful, it is one of the old bungalows.
  • decor: cosy, beautiful, exclusive created nice ambiance for customers.
  • cleanliness: very clean :) thumbs up.
  • service: waiters should be more friendly and serve with smiles on their faces rather than like they are being forced to work there. 
  • price: i have no idea but looking at their website, seems quite reasonable.
  • food: the signature singapore pie was there, but i was not a fan, so i did not try that one. the quiche was nice and so was the mee goreng.
will i recommend people to go there? yes, you can try... will i come back? i think most probably yes..  but, the waiters need to be told and must improve!! 

p/s: i don't know why it was highlighted.. but ahh what the heck... just read lah...

the cute birthday boy :) 

the above pics are taken from my phone camera... sorry about the quality ya.. :)