Wednesday, September 21, 2011

ma, whats your favorite flower?

that was the question joey asked me tonight just before we enter the house porch.

joey: ma, what is your fav flowers?
me: *smile* orchids
joey: hmm
me: well i used to love roses when i was much younger.. simply because i love to receive roses from my boyfriend.
joey: roses dies faster.
me: yeah.. after awhile, sayang pulak roses...after a few days, it'll die.. that's why then i like orchids :)
joey: that's why your love doesn't last.
me: huh?? what do you mean?

joey: *with a smile on his face* your love die faster like the roses.. that's why you have many boyfriends .. hehehe
me: ehh?? yea right where did you get that from?
joey: hehehe :D wanna know what's MY fav flower?
me: yeah.. what's your favorite flower?
joey: tulips *smile & nod his head* yeupp... i like tulips.
me: ohh.. hmmm

and i did not get the chance to ask joey, why he likes tulips.