Monday, September 5, 2011

i have been shopping :(

am i getting nervous because i am doing an open house this weekend? :P errrkk... i have been shopping :P ... gosh... yesterday somehow i bought a kebaya top from 'bhaju' boutique.. i liked the crepe batik baju kurung but it was ridiculously expensive! RM690 and above for a pair of baju kurung??? aahhh tak payah... so i bought a top instead to match with my silk batik lepas.. i think i am going to wear that one this weekend, if not the blue lace i bought from bandung recently.. 

and today, lunch time, i went to midvalley with my partner in crime.. saper lagi kalau tak ms WD...ggrr... tak pasal2.. bought 2 tops 


~ orochi ~ said...

~ kak..cukup² la tuh abehkan duet..simpan duet tuk emergency kak..ishhh..membeli tak beringat lansung nih..ishh.. :p

Ein said...

ahahahaha :D :P