Tuesday, September 13, 2011

bread pudding ~ my way ;)

hehehhe :D gelak dulu boley tak? ok ok... jangan marahhh... the reason why i gelak, is because i dont remember who taught me how to do the bread pudding... what i know, i love to eat bread pudding, so one day, i learned how to do it.. but after a few times trying, i sort of know how to play around with it so that it suits to my tasting.. i always like a soft version of bread pudding and not too sweet because the custard sauce later will be sweet :) and to tell you the truth, i have not made bread pudding for ages!!! last i remembered when i was still living with my ex-husband in tmn krmt... see how long has that been??? so, here goes... the latest one was when i did for my own open house. these were what i used for the bread pudding ok...

ingredients for the pudding:

  • 2 loafs of jumbo bread - gardenia (nak sedap kena la pakai brand mahal sket.. coz dah sedia rasa mcm lemak2 & the bread is not dry)
  • 1 loaf butter scotch bread - gardenia gak lah.. :P (sajer nak bagi campur2 perisa)
  • 1/4 butter (each portion)
  • sugar - secukup rasa... agak2 lah
  • 1/2 cover - vanilla essence
  • 2L - low fat milk (you can use full cream if you want) 
  • 2 eggs
  • chunked almond
process: (cheywahh mcm buat ISO la pulak kan... al maklumla.. tukang buat procedure kat ofc.. gini lah jadiknya)
  • tear the bread into pieces, place in a tray. mix with the butter scotch bread if you want. 
  • soak with milk until the bread is drowned with milk. do not press the bread, just let it freely drowned.. (alahai how to say aahh..?) 
  • meanwhile, beat butter + sugar + eggs until they are mesraaa... :P 
  • add vanilla essence
  • mix them all together with the soaked bread
  • tabur the almond
  • put in the oven 180C for 30mins - 45mins
for the custard sauce:
  • 2L low fat milk
  • 3 teaspoon custard powder
  • water
  • vanilla essence
  • sugar [secukup rasa]
  • boil milk
  • add custard powder with some water
  • when milk is boiled, add custard mixture and stir until the sauce shines
  • add vanilla essence



irasilver said...

must try! Wah now got recipe huh... cool!

Ein said...

hahaha :D try la... senang jer.. kalau tak paham, nanti kita story kat office :)