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my hubby's fav : kaiserschmarrn

i learned how to eat this last year when i was in germany with kaiser... there were many varieties of kaiserschmarrn actually... we ate the one at the octoberfest, then in austria - where the cafe owner made it specially for us [at that time i thought it was so difficult to do :p] and the best was the one at the lake when we met up with thomas & uta. (my bro in law & his wife). so when we came back, kaiser was hinting so that i learn how to make kaiserschmarrn... so.. after a few weeks i googled the recipe, and for a while it became our sunday food.. kaiserschmarrn day :) i think i should start again ;) btw here's the recipe that i got from the internet.. and has this in my kitchen :)
ingredients: 1/4 cup raisins1/4 cup rum [in our case, we do not put this ingredient :)]1 cup whole milk5 eggs1/4 cup white sugar1/2 teaspoon vanilla extractsalt1 cup all-purpose flour2 tablespoon butter1 tablespoon butter, melted1/4 cup confectioners' sugar, plus more for dustingplum preser…

yes.. thank you :)

thank you Allah for a wonderful family that i have.. thank you Allah for the strength that You give me to go through all these ordeal.. and last but not least... thank you management for allowing us, the employees who are also normal human beings to the access of blogspot...

top hat restaurant - my personal review

i have tonnes of things to do.. but i must write this review ok.. please..please..please... :) simply because i believe as customers, we need to give feedback so that they will improve. 
my daughter was invited to a birthday party for her friend's younger brother who turned 2 year old in september 2011. i accompanied my daughter since my meeting was cancelled. this was the 1st time i visited top hat restaurant after they have moved and changed management.. or perhaps, being bought over.. 
when we arrived, i was stunned by the decor of the restaurant. made me feel like i am entering an english movie set or something. it was nice and cosy, and inviting. nothing much to comment about until almost the end of the party. 
the party was supposed to end at 6pm (as per invitation), somehow by 5pm, there were no more drinks. not refilled... the jugs were taken away from the buffet area. and i heard the Mr A asking the waiters where are the drinks. one of the waiter looked at Mr A and shook his…
isn't it wonderful to just sit back and relax? but it'll be boring for me to not be doing anything do you know that the more things i need to do .. the more i'll blog or blabbb or be on facebook? or was it just an excuse? can you help me? errmm no... you can't... what should i do first? i have like more than 10 tasks to do here.. i know which is priority but do you know which one is?  what am i blabbering about? why am i not hungry? it is almost lunch time? what is wrong with me? am i worried of something? errmm... i think so.. will i be making the right decision? maybe i should just chill till the time comes.. :)

ma, whats your favorite flower?

that was the question joey asked me tonight just before we enter the house porch.

joey: ma, what is your fav flowers?
me: *smile* orchids
joey: hmm
me: well i used to love roses when i was much younger.. simply because i love to receive roses from my boyfriend.
joey: roses dies faster.
me: yeah.. after awhile, sayang pulak roses...after a few days, it'll die.. that's why then i like orchids :)
joey: that's why your love doesn't last.
me: huh?? what do you mean?

joey: *with a smile on his face* your love die faster like the roses.. that's why you have many boyfriends .. hehehe
me: ehh?? yea right where did you get that from?
joey: hehehe :D wanna know what's MY fav flower?
me: yeah.. what's your favorite flower?
joey: tulips *smile & nod his head* yeupp... i like tulips.
me: ohh.. hmmm

and i did not get the chance to ask joey, why he likes tulips.

i am tired, at the end of the day, choice is yours

malas sebenarnya nak masuk topik ni... cakap lebey2 kaghang orang menyampah.. tapi isu ni masih lagi berlegar2 kat kepala hotak akaq ni... isu 'brand' ni lah... apa lagi... sementelah akaq ni dah ala2 jual handbag terus dari kilang kan.. kena la tempias2 nya... :P kalau akaq cakap pasal isu ni dengan kaiser... dia memang akan diam dan geleng kepala.. cuba kita tanya persoalan ni...  sebenarnya.. kita ni pakai untuk siapa?untuk kita ke, atau untuk impress orang2 yang di sekeliling kita? apa kita dapat kalau kita impress orang lain?sanggup tuh bayar bulan2... :P untuk kepuasan hati berbelanja selepas kita achieve sesuatu?? [yang ini akaq setuju lah]pada sesetengah orang, memang isu ni sangat sensitif... simply sebab diorang beli kat butik2.. dan harganya amat lah tinggi.. maka2 barang2 tu 'barangan mewah' bak kata orang kan.. cuma nya.. alaaahai.. malas la akaq nak ulang... beli atau tidak kan terletak pada hak pengguna... kenapa nak boikot orang yang jual? kenapa nak boi…

aisya cepat sembuh ya..

in my routine busy days at the office i received this email. i did not read it immediately as i have other things that needs my attention. but knowing the sender well who always get the interesting stories to share.. i stopped doing my work for a while and read thru the email... oh dear.... this is so sad... feel so sorry for aisya... :'( it must have hurt like hell!! ouuchhh... let's pray and doa together for a speedy recovery.. below is copied from the email. for further updates, you may check the original blog.
Sesungguhnya aku sampai skg macam tak percaya benda ni happened sekelip mata. Memang totally bodoh la mamat waiter tu sekali bodoh dengan owner kedai yg menabur janji palsu. Melayu buat melayu. Damn melayu. Bravo man!
Outing dinner with my family. Aisya sat in the baby chair. Baby chair IKEA white tu. So by the time food sampai. Time tu waiter bwk fried rice on left hand, and hot tomyam on right hand, WITHOUT A TRAY! . Aku n…

20th Sept 2011

gotta try to sleep... :) Ya Allah, permudahkanlah apa jua usaha ku pada hari ni... aku berserah kepada Mu Ya Allah... :)

be a productive housewife

before i proceed, i do not mean to look down upon housewives. honestly it takes real courage to stay home and takes care of children and the house. whatever i write here is solely my own opinion, and perhaps from how or what i see that is happening around me? :) this may not be an advice, but just what i think... haaa punya la banyak explanation kat atas tu before i actually started to write on this topic. 
there are some women who when they became a housewife, they started to talk about errmm.. unproductive issues.. some may be about other people, which most of them are bad stuff.. good stuff ada jugak but very minimal. and they will start to think -ve about a lot of things.. orang ni buat tak kena...orang tu buat tu salah.. macam dia je yang betul. and ada jugak yang the daily schedule dah jadik tunggang terbalik... i believe you need to arrange your schedule properly to be a healthy & productive housewife. :) 
to be fair, not all housewives turn out to be like the above... some c…

miss her updates

one of the blogs that i would read daily... somehow, she must have been busy with her classes etc.. that she has not been updating.. just want her to know, that i miss reading her blog :P heheheh :D hope she doesn't mind me putting her pic here :P

quality sunday :)

sunday started very well for me... prepared pancakes for joelis and myself for breakfast... then i washed some clothes... sun was out... wonderful.. had to really arrange the day so that i can make the most out of it :) sent joey for his drum class... lisa went with him, and while waiting for joey, i went to the gym... after more than 2 months not going!! i was breathless.. argghh... but needed to push myself to do it. now that i lost so much weight, i hope to really toned up my body easier :) okay... so what did i do yesterday? 
i was on the treadmill for err.r.. 15 minutes :P wasn't really running.. coz i can't run :P ok ok... ran a lil bit... say 1 or 2 minutes and walked again :P then i did some exercises for the back muscle, i chose upper body.. coz i know if i were to do lower body.. i will have problem to wear my heels the next day :P hmmm kaiser coached me for biceps, triceps and some chest exercises... goshh... i can't feel my arm after that... but i was glad that …

speechless - sadness

kalau tak sudi, tak perlu lah mencaci...

bread pudding ~ my way ;)

hehehhe :D gelak dulu boley tak? ok ok... jangan marahhh... the reason why i gelak, is because i dont remember who taught me how to do the bread pudding... what i know, i love to eat bread pudding, so one day, i learned how to do it.. but after a few times trying, i sort of know how to play around with it so that it suits to my tasting.. i always like a soft version of bread pudding and not too sweet because the custard sauce later will be sweet :) and to tell you the truth, i have not made bread pudding for ages!!! last i remembered when i was still living with my ex-husband in tmn krmt... see how long has that been??? so, here goes... the latest one was when i did for my own open house. these were what i used for the bread pudding ok...
ingredients for the pudding:

2 loafs of jumbo bread - gardenia (nak sedap kena la pakai brand mahal sket.. coz dah sedia rasa mcm lemak2 & the bread is not dry)1 loaf butter scotch bread - gardenia gak lah.. :P (sajer nak bagi campur2 perisa)1/4 bu…

our 1st open house 2011

..after many2 years having open house at my parents' place, this year, we had our own.. food was delicious.. coming from my mom's kitchen ;) it was fun looking at our guests enjoying the food .. menu was laksa penang & nasi tomato with ayam masak merah + ayam goreng rempah... and by 130pm... food is finishing.. alamak... panic attack.. hahaha :D LOL... called my mom.. and she was preparing the 3rd menu... nasi impit + kuah masak!! thank you mama... you are the best!!
was it kalut? ure demm right it was at the earlier stage... challenges... masyaAllah... but after guests came.. alhamdulillah, we are getting the hang of it.. next time...(cheywaaahh) it'll be better :) most importantly, guests enjoyed the food :) enjoy the pics... some of the guests who came that day... my own camera?? hmm towards the end, we did snap some picture.. and guess what, we forgot to take our own family photo in our own house! hmmmm :(

RSVP = please respond

haaa ni mokcik nak habaq mai... gegham betui dgn masyarakat kita ni... ehh jap... sebelom tu, kalau slang mokcik ni bercampur baur..soghy yehh... tetiba rasa nak merapu dgn telor tah haper haper.. janji point sampai! ok..ok... back to reality...
i think this is common among malaysians.. i don't know about other countries lah..whenever there is an invite, they will seldom reply to inform whether they are coming or not. macam tak de courtesy langsung. bukan payah pun kalau nak tekan button reply ke.. or sms just to say yes or no ke.. depa buat diam jer.. and expect organiser to terkedek2 nak kena tanya balik.. there are reasons why invitation comes with RSVP..kan... ermm wait.. do you actually know what it means? itulah omputih nak pakai, kita pun nak pakai... if you ask me, asalnya, i couldn't be bothered to know what it really means, cuma yang aku tau, maknanya, 'bagilah jwpan dol!!' :P ok, ni aku dah carikkan kat wikipedia.. so anyway, ni la perangai masyarakat kita yan…

no balls!