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a tour at amberhill, taman melawati

by - August 14, 2011

kaiser came home from work yesterday and showed me an advertisement postcard. "hey look here, wanna go and watch some showhouses?" with a glow in his eyes.. i looked at the card.. and from the advertisement, it does look interesting. so, since we are not doing anything anyway.. i agreed to go with him for house window shopping. that's what we like to do.. looking at beautiful houses and area :) took a 20 minutes drive from our house..
when we got there, we were greated by the sales team, a guy (ooppss sorry forgot his name) showed us 1 bungalow +- Rm5M, semi-d RM2.6M and another one RM3M... the best that we saw was the RM3M semi-d. nice design inside, arrangement... and with a common area by the side of the house, playground and bbq area. some houses are with swimming pools. is it really worth spending that kind of money for the house? hmmm well, some people like it because of the area. kaiser and i had the same opinion on the area.. that, would there be people who'd rent a house there starting at rm9K a month? hmmm i don't know.. the materials in the house doesn't look worth paying :( even the interior design is not attractive enough :(

as we drove down the hill out of the housing area, we noticed that the house that we like earlier is seated exactly at the edge of a hill... hmmm... paying rm3M and can't sleep well at night due to that? heh heh heh :D and after that visit, we went to giant to do our weekend groceries... and we decided that we might as well, settle for a semi-d near our house now.. and spend a lil bit more for renovation... the area is cooling, nice community (after being here for 1.5 years), safe - insyaAllah... and yeahh... i guess, that is a plan ~ for our future, the family together, insyaAllah :)

all we need is a room for us, one room each for joelis, a guestroom, a small gym &/or family room.. a garden/pool... yeahh... that's it! :) 

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