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time to change

by - August 14, 2011

TV! hahaha LOL :D... we have been using the huge 29 inch tv since.. ermmm 2003?? yeup... the one that joelis' dad left at our old house and refuse to take.. ahahahh :D anyway, since 2 days back somehow it'll just go blank.. or there'll be like electricity thingy on the screen.. or it'll be crooked like i dont know what... kaiser was nagging saying that he already paid a lot this month.. for his big bike insurance + road tax, his visa etc etc... hmmm how now brown cow? we can't be out of tv... somehow, i knew the tv will be going off soon.. just a matter of time. 

so today, after coming home from window shopping for a house... 3.3million, the one that we like.. sort of :P, i told kaiser, that maybe we should get a small tv first... then later, he'll buy a bigger tv... so that the small tv can put in joey's room for him to play with his ps2. joey was already smiling so wide! so, i prepared food earlier today... menu was macaroni bolognaise, and i bought a lil bit of kuih. finished cooking by 5pm... we went to jusco... lots of small tv were out of stock.. somehow i think, they do that just so that people will buy the big ones! 
thank you lisa for setting the table :)
anyway, to cut story short... we went to c4 to get the tv... and ok lah.. :) just nice... uurmmm ... bigger would be better... but enough la first.. with the condition, come christmas, kaiser will get a bigger one.. hahaha :P 

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