relieved :)

somehow certain decision has been made that a little bit relieves me. although frankly speaking i do not agree to the decision, i will accept.. nak buat macamana, aku adalah kerengga... akakaka :D nothing more i can do but follow orders. and i will not do unethical things... coz whatever i say, i will hold on to it. 

anyway, i was out with WDs today... getting her baju kurung :) tak pasal2 i got attracted to one baju kurung.. extra la jadi nya :P hahaha :D but murah jer.. so ok lah... dont feel so bad ;) errr actually what is it that i wanna blog about haa?? alahai... blur already... ok lah.. enough taking a break...

solat jap.. and then continue kerja ;p daaaa..


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