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no more debts

by - August 12, 2011

i was introduced to a website by a friend last week, after i sent out a link to my handbag online shop to her. so, i registered... there are a few items, branded items in there told to be original. anyway, that is not for me to comment. somehow, this is what i think.
the same brand that is sold there, is also being sold in my online shop, at a very discounted price. if i can get a bag 95% or perhaps 99% similar (putting aside brand for status or recognition), at RM300 compared to RM4500... why must i spend that much.. satisfaction is another factor that people buys the expensive handbags.. as for me, i'd buy a few pieces original, but for varieties, i don't mind buying the authentic ones.. to entertain my wants, i don't have unnecessary debt to pay installment as after few years ago, i have been buying stuff on cash basis.. means, if i do not have the cash for whatever that i want, i don't buy, it was tough at the beginning but now, i feel much better - no headaches. and for the amount of RM3500, i would rather spend maximum RM500 for the same piece of handbag... the rest, i'd rather spend on my joelis for a nice holiday :D *ngeeee* :P 

after all, it is how we carry ourselves with the handbags... what is the point paying thousands of RM when no one knows.. people may just assume... or, do you tell everyone, how much do you pay for a handbag? or do you need to tell everyone who praise your handbag..."hey this is original okay.." hmm like duuhh... *smile*
selling at RM2,100 np it can be about USD3,000

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