Sunday, August 28, 2011

me so happy :D ngeeee

and extremely tired at the same time...  my plan for today was to look for tudung CT nurhaliza :) hehehe :D and as for joelis, they can just relax.. but then, my sister N3 told me that my mom wants to take lisa shopping.. hmmm apa lagi yang nak dibeli nya tu... and somehow, this morning, kaiser said he can come with us.. yey... i don't have to drive :P... so, by 11am.. yeahh it was late coz i was lazying in my bed :P... we drove to my parents' house to pick up N3.. and drop joey to play/babysit zharee :)) 

destination, ampang park... kaiser saw the tudung that i wanted... RM190... reduced to RM150.. kaiser disagree... overpriced he said... so, hmmm no go.. :( we went around again, and saw a dress together with hoody.. and can buy the headgear as well... wahhh... so, i tried :) and i like it..and we bought it... then baru nak round lagi... got a bbm from my youngest sister N4... my dad's car brokedown in kelana jaya... alamakkk... and with her was my mom and lisa.. 
the tow truck arrived... almost towed my car instead! hahahaa 
keter rosak pun happy jer... :P
next destination... rescue mission :P first we sent N3 home, coz otherwise, there'll be not enough space to fit in everyone in the car :) then we drove off to kelana jaya... road was clear... N4 called up a tow truck.. arrived in a few minutes after we arrived... isshh nasib baik dia tak tow keter aku.. cheh.. :P ada kaa?? 

then, kaiser brought all of us to subang parade... lisa and my mom.. borong a lot of things... kaiser got a pair of sports shoes for his gym.. hmmm orang carik kasut raya, dia carik kasut gym... hehehe :D biarlah asal dia bahagia. 

then send my mom, sister and lisa home... stop for prayer... then off we go again to aeon jusco...kaiser got for himself a pair of baju melayu... so happy la dia...rm35 for 1 pair!! and material linen ok!! :) how cool is that.. and by the time we reached home, it was almost break fast time... :) hehehehe :D and i was so exhausted!! joelis left at my parents' house coz they want to continue for terawikh... i had to send kaiser home.. when we reached home, by the time i got on my sofa... can't get up anymore.. after about an hour, went upstairs, showered... perform my prayers.. and went to sleep.. counting that i have about 5 hours sleep before i have to get up to go to my parents' house for sahur.. the last day of ramadhan... having sahur together :)