Tuesday, August 2, 2011

lisa is/was admitted at gleneagles

saturday 30 july 2011 - tuesday 2 aug 2011:

the times when i complained about being at work.. when i said to myself, Allah swt answered to my prayers. of not going to work :p but had to take care of my darling lisa at the hospital. hmmm looking at the date, i have really neglected my blog. sorry all... i was really not in the mood. it is all messed up... :( 

i am typing this from the hospital room now, while waiting to break fast.. and waiting for all the paperwork to be done before lisa can be discharged :) yey! lisa is getting bored... uurrmmm she's happy here somehow.. tv whole day, lying on the bed... internet freedom.. other than being in pain :P hahaha :D well, she cried the 1st day here.. and perhaps a lil bit on the 2nd day.. after that she is already on pain killer. 

okay... so, why was she here? she complained of tummy ache. at first i was afraid of appendix. so, that morning when she smsed me from her room, that was 630am... i took her straight to the emergency & casualty.. since we were already at the gp clinic the day before for her fever. her temperature was 39.2C. 

she went through ultrasound, can't see anything clear, then proceed to ct scan twice. after the ct scan, she had a very bad diarrhea. doctor found out that her large intestine was swollen (due to infection) - 1st diagnosis. after a while they wanna make sure whether the inflammation is caused by what lisa ate or it is already in her body system. so, in 2 weeks time, she will be coming back her to do endoscopy?  not sure how to spell it :) so that's it... just pray that it is due to food yah... aminnnn... cause if it's otherwise, it is lifetime treatment according to the doctor :( errkkss..

hurry.... i wanna go home! :(


~ orochi ~ said...

~ praying for lisa will get well soon..insyaAllah..

Ein said...

thank you orochi :) lisa is on medical leave now and on antibiotics for the next 5 days :)