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am taking it easy

by - August 04, 2011

did you know that your mind, action, hands/fingers (to type) can actually do different things at the same time? while thinking of something else? does it make sense? confused? okay... let me try to explain... :) for instance, today i was mad at someone.. errmm not really the right word for it lah... lets say, fed-up with someone.. but somehow when the someone is right in front of me, i can still smile and joke at the someone.. but... at that point of time, my fingers were cursing releasing whatever in my head on a paper...or lappy or whatever... some sort of expressing my inner feelings? does it make sense? i was surprised at myself, really!  :o

anyway... despite my frustration towards certain things, i managed to get through the day - excellently :) am happy with myself actually... things will still go on..

bak kata someone (else) - buat je.... ;) *wink wink*
let's take a ride - and take it easy! ;)

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