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al fatihah - wak min

by - August 19, 2011

arwah wak min & wak mah (passed 6 years ago)
arwah wak min... his last few days :( al fatihah..
i was in a meeting yesterday when i received a phone call from my sister, N3.. and normally if i am in a meeting, i would put the phone on silent or just reject the call... coz at times, her call is for chit chat :P ahaksss.. but then, later my mom called... hmmm so i guess must be something important. trues enough, my uncle passed away... he has been ill for quite some time.. and he is at his gold age. :( 

i went to my boss' room immediately after my meeting and rushed to pj for the funeral. we managed to go to the graveyard... and i learned something new yesterday.
  • the reason why we pour water on the grave, is so that the soil become packed and close to each other. so that no small animals/insects can go near to the body.
  • the reason why we have scented leaves and flowers are so that if there is bad smell coming out of the grave, the scent will overcome other smell.
  • should not build some concretes on top of the grave because graveyard is using 'tanah wakaf' and no one owns it. it should be able to be reused for 'jenazah'.

al fatihah...

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