Sunday, August 28, 2011

1st time terawikh at Bukit Antarabangsa Mosque :)

Aug 27th 2011: if lisa had not been persistent, we may have not make it to perform our terawikh here at the Bukit Antarabangsa (BA) Mosque. it is the weekend and normally my parents will be looking forward for all their kids and grandchildren to have iftar at their house. but somehow today lisa was hoping that we have iftar nearby our house. :) i was supposed to cook.. but somehow.. i fall asleep until 6.00pm! goodness gracious... :p so, i text my mom, asking what was for iftar... errr... i hope iftar means break fast?? :P well if it's not.. you know what i mean :)
BA mosque from the muslimat's area view :)
anyway... the menu was spaghetti bolognaise and daging masak kicap. not really what i wanted..hehehe i was craving for rice actually.. but then again.. who ask me to sleep??? :P doink!!! somehow, when we were about to go, joey wants to be at my parents house and lisa wants to be in BA... and i got upset... hmmm... few minutes later, kaiser came home from work..and asked where we were going.. to cut it short, he said, we'd better have iftar at craven.. then we'll have time to go to BA mosque.. :) case settled.. the uneasy part, my dad was frustrated :( and i don't like to hurt his feelings :(... i am sorry dad... we'll have iftar at your place tomorrow ok :) :* joey called adam, his close friend, we picked him up and proceed to the mosque. 

it was a good session indeed... we learned a lot of new things :) alhamdulillah...let me see if i got it all correct.. i was about to take out my bb at that time to take notes! serious! :) it's like you can do all this little little thing and collect your pahala :) 
  • you recite yassin, the pahala is = 7 times khatam quran
  • you recite surah al ikhlas, the pahala is = 1/4 reciting a quran. so read it 4 times and it'll be equivalent to the whole quran :) 
from left: joey, adam enjoying their burger :P
i wish i can remember more :( i should have just take notes... but i was shy :( hmmmm...

anyway, at the end of terawikh, joey and adam were so happy to get burger for their morey! :))

we had a great time, alhamdulillah... and i wish kaiser was there too :))