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selamat hari raya aidil fitri to all

i may and may not update my blog since raya is tomorrow.. might be busy :) so, i am taking this opportunity to wish all readers, Eid Mubarak... and have a safe journey back to kampung :) i seek for forgiveness if i have said/written anything that might have hurt your feelings.. 
enjoy Eid Mubarak with your loved ones...coz i know i will!

me so happy :D ngeeee

and extremely tired at the same time...  my plan for today was to look for tudung CT nurhaliza :) hehehe :D and as for joelis, they can just relax.. but then, my sister N3 told me that my mom wants to take lisa shopping.. hmmm apa lagi yang nak dibeli nya tu... and somehow, this morning, kaiser said he can come with us.. yey... i don't have to drive :P... so, by 11am.. yeahh it was late coz i was lazying in my bed :P... we drove to my parents' house to pick up N3.. and drop joey to play/babysit zharee :)) 
destination, ampang park... kaiser saw the tudung that i wanted... RM190... reduced to RM150.. kaiser disagree... overpriced he said... so, hmmm no go.. :( we went around again, and saw a dress together with hoody.. and can buy the headgear as well... wahhh... so, i tried :) and i like it..and we bought it... then baru nak round lagi... got a bbm from my youngest sister N4... my dad's car brokedown in kelana jaya... alamakkk... and with her was my mom and lisa..  next des…

1st time terawikh at Bukit Antarabangsa Mosque :)

Aug 27th 2011: if lisa had not been persistent, we may have not make it to perform our terawikh here at the Bukit Antarabangsa (BA) Mosque. it is the weekend and normally my parents will be looking forward for all their kids and grandchildren to have iftar at their house. but somehow today lisa was hoping that we have iftar nearby our house. :) i was supposed to cook.. but somehow.. i fall asleep until 6.00pm! goodness gracious... :p so, i text my mom, asking what was for iftar... errr... i hope iftar means break fast?? :P well if it's not.. you know what i mean :) anyway... the menu was spaghetti bolognaise and daging masak kicap. not really what i wanted..hehehe i was craving for rice actually.. but then again.. who ask me to sleep??? :P doink!!! somehow, when we were about to go, joey wants to be at my parents house and lisa wants to be in BA... and i got upset... hmmm... few minutes later, kaiser came home from work..and asked where we were going.. to cut it short, he said, we&…

aku tak rela

if by sending my daughter to a religious course means i will be further apart with her, aku tak rela...  if by doing so, makes her talk back to the elderly, and thinks that whatever that she has been lectured in a 2 days and 1 night course is perfect and made her how she is now, aku tak rela... this is the 2nd time, the interference happened in my family and there will not be a 3rd time... i was stupid... and i have learned..  a mom's love cannot be defined... how can she feels that it means almost nothing? i am very very sad... and i hate this changes...

the search for tudung ct nurhaliza :)

ok.. ok.. relax... relax... this is for hari raya :) or maybe other occasions that is suitable for me to wear a tudung. :) frankly speaking there is an urge for me to wear but... ermm... not yet at the moment? i will be lying if i say i don't have the feel of wearing it :) insyaallah, one day.. you'll never know :) so anyway this year i want to wear like dat lah.. :P went all around ampang park... there were a lot of choices, but i wasn't sure which one or how to buy...

beberapa kesalahan berhari raya :)

hehehe :D i was writing something else for my blog.. at the same time, i got this in my inbox from my office colleague.. can't resist but to share this with you :)

Gold is going Up!

regret for not buying your gold earlier?? ahhhh.... dont let it happen to silver now... time to accumulate... time to buy!!!

relieved :)

somehow certain decision has been made that a little bit relieves me. although frankly speaking i do not agree to the decision, i will accept.. nak buat macamana, aku adalah kerengga... akakaka :D nothing more i can do but follow orders. and i will not do unethical things... coz whatever i say, i will hold on to it. 
anyway, i was out with WDs today... getting her baju kurung :) tak pasal2 i got attracted to one baju kurung.. extra la jadi nya :P hahaha :D but murah jer.. so ok lah... dont feel so bad ;) errr actually what is it that i wanna blog about haa?? alahai... blur already... ok lah.. enough taking a break...
solat jap.. and then continue kerja ;p daaaa..

falling in love is a natural feeling

tonight after many days of not writing, being pulled to write about falling in love. i remembered when i was a teenager... i had crushes.. on celebrities.. and because i was from girls' school, i do not have the chance to meet up with boys... and the only boys that i met would be the ones in the same school bus with me. i remembered the times when i felt the excitement and looking forward to go to school because i had feelings for someone. it just made me keep going... felt floating and happy...  and now when i have a little girl.. well...urmmm she's 14 now.. i kinda being a lil over protective about her. somehow, after a while, i have come to accept that teenagers will have to go through that feelings.. coz it is only natural to fall in love. not that i did not warn my girl, getting your heart broken is very painful. it is too painful for a 14 year old.. i remembered how it felt and it is making me so uncomfortable. it hurt my chest when i cried till i cant breathe.. i didnt l…

al fatihah - wak min

i was in a meeting yesterday when i received a phone call from my sister, N3.. and normally if i am in a meeting, i would put the phone on silent or just reject the call... coz at times, her call is for chit chat :P ahaksss.. but then, later my mom called... hmmm so i guess must be something important. trues enough, my uncle passed away... he has been ill for quite some time.. and he is at his gold age. :( 
i went to my boss' room immediately after my meeting and rushed to pj for the funeral. we managed to go to the graveyard... and i learned something new yesterday. the reason why we pour water on the grave, is so that the soil become packed and close to each other. so that no small animals/insects can go near to the body.the reason why we have scented leaves and flowers are so that if there is bad smell coming out of the grave, the scent will overcome other smell.should not build some concretes on top of the grave because graveyard is using 'tanah wakaf' and no one owns it…

roadside massage advertisement

another way of blogging - short cut :)  at times, i update my fb... and its faster than to log in here and blog :P


say what you wanna say... assume what you wanna assume... you do not know me to judge me in such a way... but i shall concur... not giving up coz that does not have a place in my book! 
there is no more 'family as in us'  what is left is a legacy... it is all about  'i and i am surviving' time will tell, come what may... 

thinking aloud

right now if you ask me, i miss kaiser... i wanna be in his arm right now where he can make me feel better and calm... well, not at all entirely, but i just wanna lie in bed and hug him :( or more of i want him to hug me. 
it doesnt matter anymore... nothing matter anymore i supposed when you have done so much and it is not being appreciated.

hmmm i think later i wanna take joelis out after iftar... wanna bring them to eat the bread pudding that i had last night.. hmmm it was yummy.... so soft... and not too sweet :))

a tour at amberhill, taman melawati

kaiser came home from work yesterday and showed me an advertisement postcard. "hey look here, wanna go and watch some showhouses?" with a glow in his eyes.. i looked at the card.. and from the advertisement, it does look interesting. so, since we are not doing anything anyway.. i agreed to go with him for house window shopping. that's what we like to do.. looking at beautiful houses and area :) took a 20 minutes drive from our house..  when we got there, we were greated by the sales team, a guy (ooppss sorry forgot his name) showed us 1 bungalow +- Rm5M, semi-d RM2.6M and another one RM3M... the best that we saw was the RM3M semi-d. nice design inside, arrangement... and with a common area by the side of the house, playground and bbq area. some houses are with swimming pools. is it really worth spending that kind of money for the house? hmmm well, some people like it because of the area. kaiser and i had the same opinion on the area.. that, would there be people who'd…

time to change

TV! hahaha LOL :D... we have been using the huge 29 inch tv since.. ermmm 2003?? yeup... the one that joelis' dad left at our old house and refuse to take.. ahahahh :D anyway, since 2 days back somehow it'll just go blank.. or there'll be like electricity thingy on the screen.. or it'll be crooked like i dont know what... kaiser was nagging saying that he already paid a lot this month.. for his big bike insurance + road tax, his visa etc etc... hmmm how now brown cow? we can't be out of tv... somehow, i knew the tv will be going off soon.. just a matter of time. 

so today, after coming home from window shopping for a house... 3.3million, the one that we like.. sort of :P, i told kaiser, that maybe we should get a small tv first... then later, he'll buy a bigger tv... so that the small tv can put in joey's room for him to play with his ps2. joey was already smiling so wide! so, i prepared food earlier today... menu was macaroni bolognaise, and i bought a lil …

fasting month ambience

this year its a bit different. my mom is busy with her cafe. and since for the first 2 weeks the cafe prepares food for the surau, my mom did not arrange for terawikh prayer at home. i have always been looking forward for ramadhan coz i like the ambience.. after break fast, we pray together. and normally by 9.30 or 10pm, we are done. i miss those days.. i hope after the 2nd week, we'll get to do that again. and this year, i have done terawikh only once :(

no more debts

i was introduced to a website by a friend last week, after i sent out a link to my handbag online shop to her. so, i registered... there are a few items, branded items in there told to be original. anyway, that is not for me to comment. somehow, this is what i think.
the same brand that is sold there, is also being sold in my online shop, at a very discounted price. if i can get a bag 95% or perhaps 99% similar (putting aside brand for status or recognition), at RM300 compared to RM4500... why must i spend that much.. satisfaction is another factor that people buys the expensive handbags.. as for me, i'd buy a few pieces original, but for varieties, i don't mind buying the authentic ones.. to entertain my wants, i don't have unnecessary debt to pay installment as after few years ago, i have been buying stuff on cash basis.. means, if i do not have the cash for whatever that i want, i don't buy, it was tough at the beginning but now, i feel much better - no headaches. a…

this is it!

after a very long consideration, i guess today was my last draw... and today i have decided with what i have planned. i guess when God says that is the best for me, that IS the best for me. i shall take up whatever challenges. could this be a new avenue for me? and will it be as bright? no one will know but God. of course i will pray that this is the right decision and choice for me. for the sake of my kids and i... insyaAllah, i will be alright :) pray for me yaaah...

ein cant think

ein taking a break

things are too packed in my head until i Google on, too many things to do?? and until i do what i needed to do.. i wanna take a break for a while. :)
certain things that needed to be done, is done.. and i am relieved that at least a lil bit of the thingy is off my mind... but aahh..

world's purest dirham

I have the chance to be one of the few who is able to promote the first Dirham of 0.99999 purity. It’s a beautiful pieces for the collectors and it made such a beautiful gift for the Duit Raya.
All Dirham comes with a beautiful box and a certificate of authenticity.
This 2011 mintage is limited to 10,000 pieces and should be highly sought after by numismatic collectors the world over.
Here is the link for more pictures of the products and its explanation,​m.html
If you are interested to purchase them, please don’t hesitate to contact me. :) or go straight to the link, All you need to do is register as a customer, at the top left of the website, and registration is free, and then, you can start shopping!  Add a description - World's Purest Dirham - I have the chance to be one of the few who is able to promote the first Dirham of 0.99999 purity. It’s a beautiful pieces for the collectors and…