Tuesday, July 5, 2011

my yogurt story

i dont remember the actual reason... but few days back we (kaiser and i) had an argument.. well, normally it is caused by misunderstanding. ye laahh.. mana tak nya, sorang cakap german, sorang cakap jawa... payah la kan... well anyway... at any point of time when i am upset, i will just keep quiet (my weakness), i'd go upstairs and sleep. the funny thing is, well, not really funny, but he keeps on doing it anyway!! i hate to see dirty dishes piling up in the kitchen sink. no matter how tired i am, i will make sure that the kitchen sink is cleared. i don't mind him cooking, but wash lahh... and men being selfish, if lets say there are 3 item of his, and 1 extra spoon which does not belong to him, he will just wash his stuff!! WTH... 

so anyway, that day he knew i was upset... and in the morning, when i got up, he already washed the rice cooker... and when i got back from work, he already changed the bulb in our bathroom and another thing was.. there was a small yogurt in the fridge.. hmmm i looked at it, but didn't say anything.. i don't remember buying any small ones.. coz he will always complaint if i buy the small ones.. but guess what.. apparently, he bought that for me.. and a big one for him!! huh???? and he gave me that errmmm guilty small laugh... and his excuse was, there was only 1 left, the big one.. and the small one was fat free! hey!! most of the yogurt are fat free lah!! 
the one that we always share
the small one that he bought for me :P