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my dentist appt

by - July 03, 2011

wanted to have it earlier coz i knew that after the maintenance, it'll sort of kill me for the next few days! nowadays, my appt is the same with lisa. and this time, i had to put the rubber band thingy. lisa's braces looked more painful than mine coz hers is already at a different stage.. where they looked more metal like. :P this time, i chose blue and yellow.. :) my company color lah.. and plus i will be going for my diving trip. my wet suit is blue, my fins are yellow and so is my bikini.. ahaksss! i went crazy today.. was at the curve with lisa and kaiser, and i bought 2 pairs ;) yeehaawww... already made a parade just now to show kaiser how it looks like.. :) anyway, back to the braces.. i am so glad to see the teeth movements :) it was quite fast.. my 2 front teeth does not look like an open book anymore :) yeyy!! 
see that rubber thingy... haa it looks like that.. no, this is NOT me :P

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