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10 artis wanita tercantik pakai tudung

i dont really like to write about artists... dont wanna get into trouble .. heheh :D who knows.. but then again, i like to see them.. the beautiful stuff about them lah... and here is the latest...
i wish i can have a way to wear tudung like them and still look nice... errmm ok ok.. i know that was for the wrong reason.. but, i wanna...

family portrait at Tg Jara

i am diverting my stress to something more meaningful for me.. it makes me smile whenever i look at this album. it portrays how much being closed in a family means a lot. kids may complained during the photoshoot, but at the end of the day, they posed nicely ie. mood, act... etc :) which made me happy.. thank you love.. :) :) despite all the whatever feelings that you have behind the scene ;) hehehe :D

there are more in my fb photo album. that is if you are my friend ;) heh heh :D


just when i felt that i am feeling the energy.... some things that i learned dragged me down... SHIT!!!


am i? on the right bus? should i stay or should i jump out? perhaps i should change my destination? i dont know...


tiap-tiap hari aku akan menjenguk blog aku sendiri. dok pikir, bila la aku nak update dengan cerita ceriti taik mata buat inti... hehehe :D citer2 aku pi project aware kat redang (dah basi), citer aku pi tg jara dgn laki and anak2.. semua tu tak terbuat, gara2 melayan project kat opis ni... memerah otak nak settle benda ni sampai jayanya.. walaupun hati ni dah retak.. aku tak kan mengaku kalah. walaupun orang cabar kebolehan aku.. cuma aku nak cakap lah tahap kesabaran manusia tu ada had nya.. kadang2 kalau manusia geram (bukan marah ye), apa2 boleh terjadik... terkangkang lah ko sorang2 kat situ.. ko ngadap la semua kalau ko ingat ko teraa sangat.. *sigh*... aku tersangat letih... bukan apa.. minda aku letih.. otak aku letih...
tapi, malam tadi best... errmm infact dah beberapa hari ni aku terasa macam laki aku sayang sangat kat aku.. hmm aku pelik jugak tapi tak nak la pikir bukan2 kan... bersyukur je dah lah... macam malam tadi.. (sorry citer dalam bilik pulak - bukan detail pun.. )…

snupi emo feeling

shouldnt be entertaining the emo feeling but i am doing it anyway.. yeahh its the time of the month.. and i am being extra emotional. a HUGE mistake for a guy to say is "a birthday is the less important compared to making money" especially when it is your wife's birthday!! so, fine! 
honestly, i am not in the mood to celebrate my birthday.. its too harsh to say but i just dont give a %$#@ about my birthday celebration nor do i want any present... simply because i just dont feel at ease about what is happening around me.. its so saddening.. errr is there such word?? :o ok lah.. in short, i just feel sad. i feel like i have done everything for everyone... but does anyone ever care about how i feel and what i want??

a great weekend indeed...

only God knows how nervous i was to the weekend... and only God knows why... nevertheless, alhamdulillah... the weekend was great... we had a great time, i would say... :) took photos for raya as well.. hehehe :D hmmm other than being in the sun.. join the kg lifestyle..
i cant write much right now having a bad migraine.. thanks to kaiser for his magic hand.. i am feeling a lil bit better... just need to really burp.. and i think i will feel much much better... 
will get back here soon.. i hope... tomorrow, i will be a bibik to clear the laundry... and bags...etc.... :/ gtg now.. and sleep...  nite2 everyone... for a teaser... this was our room :)
at tanjong jara resort :)

when a revert tells his story

i was at the dining table last night.. about to have dinner when N1 (my eldest sister) was about to tell this story. she had a chat with her office colleague. a man at the age of 50, a chinese convert.. or he said that he is a revert and not a convert. i dont quite remember how the story began but it went quite like this. N1 thought that he was at his forties.. and he chuckled when said, "hey, i am 10 years more of your age" and N1 was surprised.. when he was asked, when he converted to Islam, he told the story...  i did not convert, i revert huh? why did you say that? asked my sister. because everyone is born a moslem.. only the way that everyone is brought up that puts them in a different beliefs.  aahh... ok... my sister continues listening with interest.. :) i wanted to revert earlier, but my dad did not allow me to do so... he said i can convert/revert only after he dies..  so, i dont feel good to revert as my parents have spent a lot and sacrifice for my education. until on…

forgive me

maaf kan aku Allah, aku telah lalai... aku terima dugaan Mu, Ya Allah... maaf kan aku... :'(

pay up your debt!

hahahaha :D i have been compiling my phone bills since 2009... whoooppps.... ok ... ok... its like this, the company pays for my phone bill up to certain limit.. when it exceeds, i am supposed to pay lah.. but i have not been paying.. heee... :D sogghyyy... :P but hey... when i do my work, i dont berkira you know.. takkan phone bill sikit pun nak berkira kan... not that i dont pay.. i just take my own sweet time :) anyway... its time for me to pay now.. before it goes up too high... and i hope by getting my additional phone soon, i will not have to pay so much ;)

+ve thinking

life is all about making choice... and hoping that every time, we are making the right choice.

unstable mode

i can feel that things are not right. something needed to be done. some explanation is needed. need to know the truth. home is a place where we'd wanna feel safe and cosy and ... feeling at home.. joelis are my utmost priority. i love you too much darlings...

masih ada waktu

Ebiet G.Ade - Masih Ada Waktu

Bila masih mungkin kita menorehkan batin
Atas nama jiwa dan hati tulus ikhlas
Mumpung masih ada kesempatan buat kita
Mengumpulkan bekal perjalanan abadi
Kita pasti ingat tragedi yang memilukan
kenapa harus mereka yang tertimbun tanah
Tentu ada hikmah yang harus kita petik
Atas nama jiwa mari heningkan cipta

Kita mesti bersyukur bahwa kita masih diberi waktu
Entah sampai kapan tak ada yang bakal dapat menghitung
Hanya atas kasihnya hanya atas kehendaknya kita masih bertemu matahari
Kepada rumpun di lalang kepada bintang gemintang
kita dapat mencoba meminjam catatanNya
Sampai kapankah gerangan
waktu yang masih tersisa
Semuanya menggeleng semuanya terdiam semuanya menjawab tak mengerti
Yang terbaik hanyalah segera bersujud mumpung kita masih di beri waktu

powered by lirik lagu indonesia

defensive mode

ein is in a defensive mode... errmmm actually have been... i must not be in this mode for so long. take it as constructive advice. 


am i asking too much, God?

my yogurt story

i dont remember the actual reason... but few days back we (kaiser and i) had an argument.. well, normally it is caused by misunderstanding. ye laahh.. mana tak nya, sorang cakap german, sorang cakap jawa... payah la kan... well anyway... at any point of time when i am upset, i will just keep quiet (my weakness), i'd go upstairs and sleep. the funny thing is, well, not really funny, but he keeps on doing it anyway!! i hate to see dirty dishes piling up in the kitchen sink. no matter how tired i am, i will make sure that the kitchen sink is cleared. i don't mind him cooking, but wash lahh... and men being selfish, if lets say there are 3 item of his, and 1 extra spoon which does not belong to him, he will just wash his stuff!! WTH... 
so anyway, that day he knew i was upset... and in the morning, when i got up, he already washed the rice cooker... and when i got back from work, he already changed the bulb in our bathroom and another thing was.. there was a small yogurt in the fri…

work your ass out!

i was feeling so weak at the office today. i was fighting from this terrible flu. didnt want kaiser to know that i was getting that.. or... well, anyway... by the time i got to the office, i was sneezing.. blew my nose at my workstation coz it keeps on disturbing my concentration. :P hahaha lol

:D i am so proud of myself that i finished my draft of loa. emailed them for comments and i am good to do something else. time was running out so fast at the office today. despite my flu.. i was doing good. :) alhamdulillah...

every now and then got smses and calls from my sister and mom updating on the progress of our lil cafe. alhamdulillah today we had a good crowd. luckily i didnt have to go there after work today coz, i was really feeling weaker towards the evening.. before lunch i was telling myself, "i must go to the gym tonight!!" coz i know, if i do that i will feel much better! smsed kaiser, booked his schedule. yeup... he may be my hubby and pt but i still need to book him c…

need to recover fast!

dammnn... :( i wanna be well... have so much things to finish.. diving coming up.. no time to be unwell! :( and am purging as well :( huwaaaa

my dentist appt

wanted to have it earlier coz i knew that after the maintenance, it'll sort of kill me for the next few days! nowadays, my appt is the same with lisa. and this time, i had to put the rubber band thingy. lisa's braces looked more painful than mine coz hers is already at a different stage.. where they looked more metal like. :P this time, i chose blue and yellow.. :) my company color lah.. and plus i will be going for my diving trip. my wet suit is blue, my fins are yellow and so is my bikini.. ahaksss! i went crazy today.. was at the curve with lisa and kaiser, and i bought 2 pairs ;) yeehaawww... already made a parade just now to show kaiser how it looks like.. :) anyway, back to the braces.. i am so glad to see the teeth movements :) it was quite fast.. my 2 front teeth does not look like an open book anymore :) yeyy!!


oh dear! this is the most lousy topic to talk about. hated it when people start to say, 'this is malaysian time' or 'janji melayu' goshh... why cant people be on time - and respect other people's time?? come on lah.. if we say 4 pm, it must be 4 pm.. and why must we follow,'oh... if you want people to come at 4.30pm, then you must say 4.00pm' WTH???? then why is a clock created?? dammmn... and dont make me start to blah blah here... and STOP using religion to save your ass!! i really hate it when people uses religion for the wrong reason.