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what is a surrogate mother? asked joey...

by - June 17, 2011

yeuppp... its joey's time again. he really has these kinda questions.. and me being me, never hide the truth.. ;) coz i believe kids deserve to know the truth - just the way you explain it is the challenging part... lets hear it now! ;) 
joey asked in the car yesterday as i was driving to my parents' house to send him after sending lisa to school. joey had a bad flu, so i decided to give him a day off ;) well, better then letting him spreading the germs to his friends, right? i am a responsible mom, you know.. hehehe :D dont get angry...dont get angry.. :P 

joey: ma what is the meaning of surrogate mother?
me: huh..?? whoaa...
joey: yeahh.. 
me: hmmmm.. *paused to think of the best possible way to explain* :P
joey: maa?
me: okay... its errmm.. ibu tumpang..
joey: huuh??
me: okay.. lets say a couple  if they cannot have a baby, they get a woman to have the baby for them. *somehow i know this explanation will get tougher*
joey: but how?
me: hmmm ok, they joined the 'benih' and it'll grow lah in the tummy.
joey: benih?? how did the benih join?
me: well, ermmm... you are not at the age yet for me to explain about people but.. okay lah.. like know how trees grow? 
joey: yes...
me: the trees need benih errmm or bijik to be placed in the tanah to grow right?
joey: aahh yeahh...
me: okay.. the same goes with human.
joey: owhh..
me: so, what happen is the doctor will take the benih (cant really say sperm here coz i'll get more into trouble to explain :P) from the husband, and the benih from the wife, put it somewhere, harvest and then put it in another woman's tummy for the baby to grow. because maybe, the wife's tummy is not capable to grow baby inside. 
joey: owh.. and like gays too?
me: what??
joey: yeahh.. like gays, they cannot have baby.. so they have surrogate mother to have a baby?
me: hmm well, that .. yeahh... can do too... 

*shuckkks... i did not explain that gays cant get benih from each other now!!* :O

joey: hmmm... 

and i do not remember how the conversation ends...

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