Tuesday, June 28, 2011

school sports day

6.55am – arrived at stadium cheras..

7.40am - here I am in my yellow tshirt, right smack in the middle of high school students of SAB KL.. gosh.. as I smses SZ, I missed being in high school. The difference was my school was all girls school. Heheh :D

this morning was up by 530 coz kaiser’s phone alarm was on. Danggg there goes my extra of 15 mins to sleep. By the time 610am was already getting ready… alaaaa could not find any yellow tshirt.. lisa came into my room and got me one.. :P prepared a mug of milo for joey, lisa prepared cheese sandwich for him and soon off we went to cheras stadium… erkkk… where the heck is that place…gamble lah… before 7am we reached the stadium.

starting now… all those colorful flags.. kids getting prepared for the perbarisan.. lisa is in cheerleading.. although I think my time was more fun, not so much restriction and we can still wear short skirts..huhu… :P but okay lah.. these girls are wearing long pants – the aerobic style and creative in their tshirts – yellow house @ bendahara. the blue house @ temenggung had blue stripe on the side of their pants. the green was kids are wearing army pants and green tshirt.. I don’t know what they are called. and red house… errmmm I cant really see them :P gotta go now… continue later la.. its xango time.. lapar ni!! *i was born this way is on as the background music* I wish I am not alone.. but then again if kaiser is with me right now… lagi stress kut!!! :P entah apa2 dia bebel nanti.. coz there’ll be lots of waiting that’s for sure which he hates and has no patience about!!

8.13am – still waiting here.. hmmm what time are they starting aahh?? If I leave and get breakfast, I am afraid I might miss something.. demmm… how laa.. and right in front of me now, there is a girl and she’s actually revising her school work!! Perrghhh talking about the best school in kl here! Hahaha :D hmmm wait let me peek… hmmm economic babes!! My least fav subject… lol :D

8.15am getting ready for lintas hormat… not bad… they are on time!!! Wahh.. impressed J okay… signing off now.. will upload pics later… wanna concentrate :P