Thursday, June 2, 2011

school holiday is here

when i was a kid, i was always looking forward for school holidays. it was much easier i supposed back then because my mom was in the teaching line and my dad was with the education department. our usual place would be port dickson.. we will be swimming, my mom will be cooking some delicious food (as always) and my dad will enjoy his fishing time :) 

now its the time for me with my own family. its different somehow.. at any possible time, i would still go and join my parents with joelis. kaiser is working on his own but most of the time it is not easy for him to get away due to his work busy schedule. this holiday, i did not plan any travelling.. we just got back from jakarta & bandung.. and we have another place to go in july.. so keeping june free.. and plus, lisa did mention she is gonna have her cheer practice. and ohh... just remembered the main reason why there was no initial holiday plan is because joelis were supposed to have their orchestra camp at ukm.. but they cancelled/postponed last minute.. hmmm ..

anyway, lisa went out with her dad last weekend... she did not want joey to come along.. kesian joey... initially i think she just wanted to be with her dad - quality time sort of? turned out, her dad brought his wife and little k along.. and that was when i thought joey should have joined. joey always asked about his younger brother.. for your info, little k is joey's half brother [err... same dad different mom], but he thinks about him quite a lot. i think that is sweet of joey. :) ye lahh... dia dok mintak adik manjang kat mama dia... tak de.. hehehe :D and the respond from me would be, 'joey kan dah ada adik.. little k... he is your brother tau' and joey's respond pulak.. 'ye la.. but its different.. ' and mama nya pun senyum je :P hmmm 'mama macam dah malas la nak ada baby lagi sayang... nak, tapi macam nanti tak larat je...' ahhh... off track again... so, joey was saying in the car this morning:

joey: ma.. i imagine this school holiday would be nice
ma: ha..
joey: i can go out with daddy... everyday
ma: huh... daddy cannot la sayang... he is working kan.
joey: yeahhh thats why... :( or i can go out with with andy... go to times square..
ma: that we can go on weekend..
joey: or go to midvalley..
ma: hmmmm
joey: or go for movie... but *sigh* lisa already went with daddy..
ma: speechless...* i must do something now..*