Thursday, June 30, 2011

my yoghurt moment

lately i am always looking forward for yoghurt moment with kaiser. in my little head, i miss the times when kaiser comes home early... or not as late as nowadays. but then again, busyness makes him happy - and alhamdulillah more rezeki for the family. normally he'd buy yoghurt just in case he gets hungry late night, he stopped after awhile coz he found out that his tummy bulged for eating too much yoghurt. then i started to buy, coz at times, i am lazy to have dinner. so.. eating yoghurt has become the moment of yoghurt for me.. and him.. nothing special just that i will be fighting for his yoghurt & vice versa.. heheh :D 
dont take my yogurt!! :P
i arrived home after picking up joelis last night, kaiser was already home. :) since it was already 930pm.. joelis went straight upstairs to their rooms. joey came down again to borrow kaiser's phone to call his dad. their phone is out of order, and calling his dad using my phone will not get picked up. hmmm no answer... joey went upstairs, a bit frustrated. "why didn't daddy pick up the call?" he questioned. "maybe daddy is sleeping" i said. after a few kisses.. joey went upstairs to his room.

i fall asleep on the couch beside kaiser.. hehehe :D too tired after a netball game.. owhh we won!! ;) and i played well... yey! ;) after about 15 minutes, i heard kaiser's voice.. "hey.. you sleep or what?" i was too sleepy to answer :P " i wanna get yoghurt" "arrghhhh - i want yoghurt too!" and with his sly smile, he took my yoghurt from the fridge!! no way i am gonna let him finish my yoghurt!! hehehe :D i took 1 spoon full and went upstairs to shower before i fall asleep in my cosy bed.. ..aaahhhh how nice.... ;)